How to Use Your Psychic Gifts to Boost Your Tarot Readings

Using Your Psychic Ability to Boost Your Tarot Readings

In today’s post, we look at how to boost your Tarot readings by using your psychic gifts.

“But I’m not psychic!”

I hear you! Many of us are just intuitively drawn to the cards because the images speak to us and sceptical about anyone who claims to be psychic. However, as fantastical as it may seem, some people come to the Tarot because they want something to hold while giving messages from Spirit using one or more of the four clairs. Don’t worry – there is room for all of us!

The truth is, of course, that we are all psychic because we all have a soul and that soul is connected with the Source of All through our higher senses. There are two main definitions relating to the word psychic when used as an adjective:

  1. relating to or denoting faculties or phenomena that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws, especially involving telepathy or clairvoyance.
    “psychic powers”
  2. relating to the soul or mind. “he dulled his psychic pain with gin”

Being psychic is expressed in one (or more) of four different ways, known as the ‘four clairs.’

The Four Clairs


Have you ever known something without knowing how you know it? Then you have had a claircognizant experience. Claircognizance is the psychic ability to tap universal consciousness directly with your mind. You may come across as a bit of a ‘know-it-all’ – especially when you were younger – and you have an aptitude for learning new things. Claircognizant people often have ideas that just pop into their heads and make wonderful inventors. One of the problems with being claircognizant is that because new ideas come so easily to you, you may take them for granted and not always act on them, even though it could mean that you are basically binning an invention that could benefit mankind in many ways.


If you have ever had a vision of something about to occur or seen something happen to someone you love in your mind’s eye, even though they are far away from you, then you have had a clairvoyant experience. Clairvoyants are usually naturally visually oriented people. When they talk about experiences they’ve had, they usually refer to what they have seen.

Clairvoyance is the phenomenon most commonly associated with ‘being psychic’ and probably the best known of the four clairs. Some clairvoyants also excel at the highly specialised art of remote viewing – an art the military is trying to capitalise on for the purpose of spying on the enemy and therefore have set up training camps for (yes, this is a thing!).


Those of you who have had clairaudient experiences are perhaps the ones least likely to have mentioned them to anyone out of fear of coming across as delusional, mentally ill or schizophrenic. Hearing voices is associated with mental illness in the era of psychologists rather than shamans being experts on our minds. However, when hearing voices is associated with illness, it is almost always because the voices are destructive rather than helpful. Those who have sensitive hearing and who are very musical are the types of people who also tend to be clairaudient. They can often hum a whole tune they have only heard once from start to finish.


The clairsentients among you are those of you who can walk into a room where there is a strong emotion and feel it with every fibre of your body. Clairsentience is closely connected with empathy. You are so sensitive to picking up on people’s moods that being in crowds of people can be a real drain. You more than others need to shield yourselves daily, first thing in the morning, and then end the day with cord cutting and chakra balancing.

Sometimes you may not even be sure what you feel is your own emotions or something you have picked up on from someone else. Some clairsentients try to numb their senses through drugs, alcohol or overeating. The price of empathy can be high before this gift is managed properly.

As you are probably beginning to see the pattern now… The clairs are connected with the five ordinary senses, so working on improving your everyday ordinary visual experience, for instance, by focusing on recalling the day’s events in as much visual detail as possible will also help you become more clairvoyant, as will daily guided visualisations or working on perfect visual dream recall.

To improve claircognizance work on solving puzzles or study any subject that demands a lot of brain power.

To improve clairaudience learn songs and poems by heart. Listen actively to people when they speak and try to recall as much of the information you have heard when you are on your own.

To improve clairsentience, start paying attention to how people make you feel and how your own bodily sensations connect with the world around you.

How to use the clairs during Tarot readings

The clairs are simply the tools that Spirit use to communicate with us. Whatever channel works for you is the channel your spirit guides and guardian angels will use. Whether you are actively using your clairs or not, one is likely to be stronger than the others. This is the clair that will be in the driver’s seat when you do readings with your Tarot cards.

Protect Yourself and Your Space

When you work with the cards psychically, you want to make sure that you protect yourself first so that you filter out any entities that are not of Light and Love. You can do this easily by saying a simple prayer of protection where you set the intent to only bring in guidance that is for the Highest Good. You can use this prayer  if you like:

Mother-Father God, keep me and ______ (client’s name) safe during this reading and help me to clearly pick up on any guidance offered by the client’s spirit guides and guardian angels, for the Highest Good of All. Amen and so it is.

There is no need to pray out loud unless you feel guided to do so. You can say the prayer ahead of the session, before the client is with you, if you prefer. It’s all about setting the intent and you can use any words that work for you. Some people also feel that crystals can have a protective effect. Smokey quartz, black tourmaline and amethyst are perennial favourites for psychic protection.

Trust Yourself

First rule for ALL the clairs: Trust what you get and speak it without censoring yourself. What you receive psychically doesn’t have to make sense to you. It’s a message from Spirit to your client so please step out of your own way. Also, if your client’s guide starts speaking and you can’t hear/see properly, don’t be afraid of falling silent to tune in. My first ever Tarot reading here in the UK was with a psychic reader who would often fall silent to listen to what the guides were saying. When she started speaking again, it was always relevant to my life.

Working with clairvoyance during a Tarot reading

You may notice a film starting to play. Or you are so strongly drawn to a visual clue in one of the cards that you have to look away… and when you do, this visual clue becomes part of a bigger picture relating to the client’s life. Whatever happens, speak what you see, without worrying if it makes sense. When your clients ask you what their future lover looks like, don’t be afraid to tune in to see what you get.

Working with clairaudience during a Tarot reading

You may get the odd word or whole sentences. Even if you get just one word, speak what you get and if the word on its own doesn’t make sense, just ask your client to make a note of it. They will be able to connect the dots in their own time.

Sometimes the word you get is a keyword for one of the cards and you could wonder if you are just imagining this word being emphasised. Don’t worry about it. It’s emphasised in your mind for a reason if you are normally clairaudient. Other times the word may seem totally out of the blue. To me, that’s where it gets exciting because those are usually the biggest psychic hits – the kind that makes the client’s jaw drop.

Working with claircognisance during a Tarot reading

Things will just pop into your head and while they may seem so obvious to you that you are SURE the client is already seeing this just by looking at the cards, you can bet this isn’t the case. Speak what you know without censoring yourself. Claircognizants are the worst for censoring and second-guessing themselves, as they have a tendency to overthink things. Get out of your own way. Let go of the fear of making mistakes. Speak what you know and trust your gift. You will most likely have a great grasp of the Tarot to start with thanks to your studious nature so your readings provide wonderful value to your clients in more ways than one!

Working with clairsentience during a reading

When you feel something in your body, it’s part of the reading. Trust it. Speak it. Don’t be afraid to for instance say, ‘I’m getting a terrible ache in my lower back as we are looking at this question about remortgaging your house… Is the stress giving you back ache?’

Or if you, for instance, pick up on sorrow around a relationship issue that feels like a tightness in the chest, speaking it may bring huge release to your client who has pent up their emotions in exactly this way. Never ever underestimate your gift just because you can’t see or hear. All gifts are equally valuable.

Closing the psychic Tarot reading

Just like invoking protection is important before doing any form of psychic work, so is closing the reading properly. You will need to do two things: sever your energy from the clients by cutting cords and ground your energy. Cord cutting can be as simple as asking Archangel Michael to cut any cords that have formed during the reading.

A quick and easy way to ground your energy is to stamp your feet on the ground. You can also eat or drink something. The best method of all is to go outside and spend some time in nature but that is not always possible between clients so it’s important to find a way that works for you.

I hope you find this little guide on how to improve your Tarot readings by tapping into your psychic power useful. I’m happy to answer any questions you have in the comments below.


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