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Top Tools & Techniques for Psychic Protection

archangel michael - tools and techniques for psychic protection

Every single person on this planet needs to learn how to use tools and techniques for psychic protection. And especially if you are a lightworker, old soul, crystal child, starseed, earth angel or just consider yourself a highly sensitive person/empath. That is because everything is energy and vibration and we need to learn to manage our energy fields with the tools and resources we have. It is not because something evil is ‘out to get us.’

Most psychic attacks come at us from inside ourselves. And the attacks that come at us from the outside typically mirror internal states, magnetised from the psyches of people who vibrate on the same frequency internally. To minimise the number of attacks, we need to keep doing the self-healing work. Prevention is better than cure, as the saying goes.

And thus it follows that the most important tool for psychic protection is our minds. If you keep using the other tools but allow negative thoughts to fester, it won’t matter how much you smudge your space. So, as a foundational spiritual practice, make sure to meditate daily and reprogram your mind with self-hypnosis and positive affirmations. But handling the tools suggested below can create an important somatic connection and strengthen our resolve to keep our energetic space pure and our boundaries strong.

Your Sensitivity Is Your Superpower

Besides using the suggested tools and techniques below, it is also wonderful if you begin embracing your sensitivity as the gift it is to the world. Only sensitive people are capable of certain types of healing and psychic work. Celebrate being different. Practice grounding daily and exercise to create physical strength.

Sensitive people often walk around with their energy floating slightly above and in front of their physical bodies. Lack of grounding can cause accidents that are not dependent on negative outside energetic input. Your guardian angel has your back but may struggle if you start stumbling down the stairs because you’re not actually in your body.

You Are Safe

Remember: There is no need to live in fear. Ultimately, nothing can destroy your spirit. These psychic protection tools and techniques are here to make everyday life on Earth run more smoothly so that you can serve more effectively.

My Top 5 Favourite Psychic Protection Tools & Techniques

tuning fork 111 Hz

Tuning Forks

Trust your intuition about which frequency to go for. I started with 111 Hz and found that it instantly cleared my energy field as well as created zero-point alignment. The ancient healing chambers were built to vibrate to this frequency for a reason. I have since added other forks to my collection but still find my 111 Hz fork to be the most powerful for clearing negative energy.

You can use the tuning fork to clear your Tarot cards, crystals and other tools as well as your room and your own energy. My favourite way of quickly clearing my entire energy field is to strike the fork and put the base on top of my head. I hold it there until the vibrations stop. Often just once is enough.

White Sage

Use White Sage for smudging/clearing negative energy from your aura, home and psychic tools but also for creating a layer of protection before going somewhere you know will be energetically challenging.

White Sage can also be used to clear both your other tools and your own energy. It’s ideal for crystals that don’t tolerate water.

The “Huberman Breath”

physiological sighing for psychic protection aka the huberman breath

Though not packaged as a technique for psychic protection, I find this quick 5-minute breathing meditation, helps. It helps by clearing my mind so that I know what in my energy field is actually mine and what does not belong there.

Cho Ku Rei

The Cho Ku Rei symbol is an instruction to ‘Place the power of the universe here’ and the literal meaning kan broken down into:

Cho – Curved sword or sickle that creates an opening

Ku – Producing wholeness, forming space out of nothing

Rei – Mystical power or essence of the universe

I draw the Cho Ku Rei Reiki symbol mentally or with the index and middle fingers of my right hand wherever I feel it is needed. While drawing it, I visualise the Cho Ku Rei radiating violet and diamond-white fire.

Please note that you must be attuned to Reiki Level 2 to activate Cho Ku Rei.

Calling on Archangel Michael

Calling on Archangel Michael is really my first port of call when I need help with clearing negative/toxic energy or if I find myself in potential peril.

You can combine calling on Archangel Michael with any and all of the tools and techniques for psychic protection above.

Archangel Michael whose name means ‘He who is like God’ is never too busy to help you. He can be in many places at once and it is part of his job description to keep humans safe while they are in Earth School. But we have to ask. The angels never interfere or come to our aid unasked, other than in rare cases where we might cross over before our time.

Bonus Tips

Wear any ring or bracelet for psychic protection on your right hand/arm. Hands down, the most protective crystal I have worked with is tektite. My other two favourites for clearing negative energy are amethyst and black tourmaline.

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