Lessons & Challenges Relationship Tarot Spread

Lessons & Challenges Relationship Tarot Spread

Lessons and Challenges Relationship Tarot Spread

This is a simple and easy-to-remember spread you can use any time you need insights into your relationship dynamics.

It can be used at the start of a new relationship, when you are working through issues in the relationship or when you have just broken up with someone that you have hopes of getting back together with.

It can also be used for platonic relationships with friends, family members and work colleagues. Below you will find a sample reading done for a love relationship.

Lessons & Challenges Relationship Tarot Spread

The Psychic Tarot Oracle by John Holland



1. Your Current Lesson & 2. Your Current Challenge

1. & 2. Patience & Planning (7 of Pentacles) + The Waiting Game (2 of Wands) – You can’t do much about the situation as it has its root in the personal struggles of your partner

3. Your Partner’s Current Lesson & 4. Your Partner’s Current Challenge

3. & 4. Throat Chakra (no Tarot equivalent) + Heartache & Loss (3 of Swords) – Your partner is struggling to find his voice to express the emotional pain he is suffering due to recent loss and grief

5. Your Lesson as Couple & 6. Your Challenge as a Couple

5. & 6. Choose Wisely (7 of Cups) + Deception & Envy (7 of Swords) – There is an element of confusion here and the challenge is to pierce the negativity and delusions created in the mind. Things may not be as bad as they seem. 99% of the bad stuff is in the mind.

7. Advice About the Best Course of Action

7. Memories of Love (6 of Cups) Honour the loving connection you have. It is a true soul mate connection.

8. The Outcome (Provided the Advice is Acted On)

8. 19 Light (XIX The Sun) The dark clouds will be dispersed and happiness will be restored.

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