Lessons & Challenges Relationship Tarot Spread

Lessons & Challenges Relationship Tarot Spread

Lessons and Challenges Relationship Tarot Spread

This is a simple and easy-to-remember relationship tarot spread you can use any time you need insights into your relationship dynamics.

It can be used at the start of a new relationship, when you are working through issues in the relationship or when you have just broken up with someone that you have hopes of getting back together with.

It can also be used for platonic relationships with friends, family members and work colleagues. Below you will find a sample reading done for a love relationship.

Lessons & Challenges Relationship Tarot Spread
The Psychic Tarot Oracle by John Holland


1. Your Current Lesson & 2. Your Current Challenge

1. & 2. Patience & Planning (7 of Pentacles) + The Waiting Game (2 of Wands) – You can’t do much about the situation as it has its root in the personal struggles of your partner

3. Your Partner’s Current Lesson & 4. Your Partner’s Current Challenge

3. & 4. Throat Chakra (no Tarot equivalent) + Heartache & Loss (3 of Swords) – Your partner is struggling to find his voice to express the emotional pain he is suffering due to recent loss and grief

5. Your Lesson as Couple & 6. Your Challenge as a Couple

5. & 6. Choose Wisely (7 of Cups) + Deception & Envy (7 of Swords) – There is an element of confusion here and the challenge is to pierce the negativity and delusions created in the mind. Things may not be as bad as they seem. 99% of the bad stuff is in the mind.

7. Advice About the Best Course of Action

7. Memories of Love (6 of Cups) Honour the loving connection you have. It is a true soul mate connection.

8. The Outcome (Provided the Advice is Acted On)

8. 19 Light (XIX The Sun) The dark clouds will be dispersed and happiness will be restored.

Angel Blessings


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  1. After doing several readings without a focus, I tried your spread and the results are much more explanatory than I have revealed before. Thankfully I feel I understand it but I still try to grasp the quick picture within.
    I pulled out:
    1,2 universe/intuition.
    3,4 solitude/heartache &loss
    5,6 hope/prosperity begins
    7 triumphant success
    8 rest & rejuvenate

    So as far as I understood, with my limited experience: I know already the answers, I have to listen within. My partners struggles can be overcome with meditation and looking within also. Stay strong, go into the challenges with hope and we will be rewarded, then finally chance to rest will come.

    Thanks for guiding. I’d love to know more about how to read this way, it’s much easier to understand than the long books.
    Love & light,


    1. Post

      Hi Pamela, glad you were able to make sense of your reading with this spread. I don’t really have much to add unless you have a specific question…? Feel free to make suggestions about future articles, eBooks and eCourses. Are you looking to learn specifically about how to read for love and relationships this way or just develop in general? Love and Light, Lisa

  2. I don’t mean to post so many comments. I’m sorry but I have an insatiable need for learning right now.
    I did this spread and came across some quite interesting things.

    1. 10 of pentacles 2. Queen of wands. I know I need to become her and especially emotionally independent. For a long time I avoided the mother role even after my daughter was born. He has a daughter from a previous marriage. But my deep desire is to be financially stable and have my family reunited.

    3. Knight of wands 4. The tower. Not sure here, he’s the one that broke up with me but he’s getting the tower? Maybe he’s having to deal with his sudden decision to leave me and his world is falling apart. Or maybe me telling him to leave if he wasn’t going to work on things, meant I upset his Apple cart and now he’s back living with his parents and sleeping on the couch too broke to get his own place. Basically he didn’t think any of this through.

    5. The fool 6. 3 of pentacles. We need to take risks with each other and have fun together. Know when it’s time to take a break and play. Also working as a team on building a solid foundation. Maybe we need the foundation in order to have fun?

    7. 9 of pentacles. Independence. Giving each other space. Having our own interests and hobbies. This follows my queen of wands and the need for emotional independence. I love you but we don’t have to do everything together.

    8. King of cups. If we give each other space we will ultimately reach an emotionally mature relationship with genuine love and care for each other. Deep and solid. That’s if we’re able to work on things of course like the 5,6 and 7 cards show. Though with the 9 of pentacles, even if we didn’t get back together and we still did the work, I have a feeling we would still benefit in the way of the King of cups for ourselves.

    I find that I’m willing to do the work and take the risk, but he doesn’t. Not sure how to make him see that its worth the risk.

    1. Post

      Hi Cecile, You just explained why the Tower makes sense there. It looks his rash Knight of Wands decision got the better of him. So sorry for the mega late reply, btw. As you can see, I have moved blogs and somehow managed to miss your comment. The Fool as the lesson is about the need to understand that this will probably never be a ‘conventional’ relationship where you settle down together… It’s the kind of relationship where you need to give each other LOTS of space! And yes, that makes team-work a massive challenge. Blessings, Lisa

  3. Did it and loved loved loved it

    1,2. Suffering in Silence / Triumph
    3,4. Base Chakra / victory and success
    5,6. conflict and defeat / spiritual union
    7. Waiting game
    8. Partnership and Aliances

    So basically we are both here to learn a lesson and both are trying to win. If we learn to give up and accept defeat instead of trying to win it all, and try to focus on union of our spirits, there is a chance for partnership.

    I’ve loved this reading and the spread. Very positive.

  4. This spread works really well with the Psychic Tarot Oracle. The absence of Courtiers is ideal and the addition of Chakra cards is… well, just perfect! Would love to hear how you get on with this. So glad you’re enjoying the spreads on here 🙂

  5. When I looked at this spread in my email box which shows only apart of the post, I was thinking I would do this spread for me and a friend using the Psychic Oracle. I’m so surprised that you did the same spread with same oracle. I will try this out today or tomorrow. Thank you so much for your wonderful spreads about the most asked questions.

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