“What was the lesson?” Break-Up Tarot Spread

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No lengthy introduction is needed for this spread. We’ve all been there… We thought he was the One and it turned out to be just another lesson. Sometimes it’s worth not looking over your shoulder but certain relationships leave you thinking there’s a lesson you were meant to get. If that’s how you feel then that’s your truth and you need to honour it… Tarot to the rescue!

Damage Control Relationship Tarot Spread

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Was it the shadow of the eclipse or maybe Mercury retrograde? Whatever the excuse is, you messed up bad. Your temper got the better of you and you hurt the one you love the most. They hurt you right back and now you are reeling with pain. And it doesn’t matter who started it… Relax and know that it happened for a reason. This shit needed to shift in time for the Shift… so it came out. Collateral damage was …

The Menopausal Witch Tarot Spread

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“You call me a witch as if it’s a bad thing…” Journaling about my own perimenopausal angst the other day, I realised that someone needed to make a Tarot Spread about a woman’s four ages. Because as a friend pointed out – the Moon has four phases, not three, and the stage that we enter during perimenopause is neither Mother nor Crone… It’s Queen! There is a Swedish word commonly used about menopausal women: klimakteriehäxa It literally means menopausal witch and it’s …