Libra Lunar Eclipse + Any Lunar Eclipse Tarot Spread

Moon in Libra

A lunar eclipse happens when the Earth, Sun and Moon align perfectly so that the Earth casts a shadow on the Moon. The exact time of this week’s penumbral Libra lunar eclipse is Wednesday 23 March 2016, 09:39 UTC. The Moon will be at 3 degrees Libra (first decan/2 of Swords). A lunar eclipse always follows or precedes a solar eclipse and in this case finishes the sentence begun by the most recent New Moon solar eclipse in Pisces.

An eclipse in Libra highlights endings and new beginnings in our closest relationships, both where allies (friends & lovers) and enemies are concerned. The other area of interest, especially with the Sun tightly conjunct Mercury in Aries, is self-expression and how we talk about fairness/equality within our relationships. Any eclipse, whether solar or lunar, is likely to trigger change and fear – fear because we fear the unknown and many of us struggle with letting go of the status quo.

Eclipses are status quo slayers.

The push and pull between Libra-Aries for this eclipse can be expressed as a strong need to act on our gut instinct and assert our needs, coupled with a strong fear that this might rock the boat… Or, vice versa, a strong need to change the relationship dynamic but feeling uncertain about how to express this need.

7 Ways to Harness the Power of the Libra Lunar Eclipse

Look at where Libra is in your own chart

…and what planets may be involved for you. In my case, it is in the 5th House, so creativity and children are topics that may come up for transformation. I was born with Uranus in Libra. Uranus is currently in Aries, together with the Sun and Mercury, highlighting mental activity and sudden insights more for me around the time of the eclipse.

Look to making change last long-term

Whatever comes up for you now is likely to have a massive impact in the months to come. In fact, the changes may have already begun and started coming into focus slowly but surely over recent days/weeks.

Make sure that you are authentic and speak with integrity in all your relationships. This is also one way to…

Cut the deadwood

There are certain people that are not meant to be in your life. If anyone pops into your mind as you read this, you seriously need to make sure that person is out of your life. Not everyone has our best interests at heart. This is your chance to release at least one such person from your presence permanently, even if it is just in the form of blocking/deleting them on Facebook so you don’t have to see their hate speech, drama or general toxicity in your feed anymore.

Clear blocks to intimacy

Is fear keeping you from being truly happy in love? Now is your chance to face that fear dead on and transmute it into something that serves you better.

Consider the balance between give and take

…in your closest relationships. Are your needs met or are you doing ALL the giving? Could you give a bit more? Are you giving of yourself or are you giving what you think the other person wants to see in you? It has never been more important that the giving you do is genuine and an expression of you.

Don’t be afraid of trying new models of communication

…or taking the lead when it comes to changing the relationship dynamic. Whatever your gut tells you to shake up probably actually does need shaking up now so that new life can be breathed into the relationship.

Any Lunar Eclipse Tarot Spread

The Lunar Eclipse Tarot Spread

Shuffle and cut the deck as you normally would but instead of dealing cards from the top or fanning the cards out, you turn the deck over and fan it with the images up so that you can locate XVIII The Moon, XXI The World and XIX The Sun, as well as the cards on either side of each of the three chosen Tarot Majors.

If one of these cards is the first or last card in the deck, you simply wrap around and reach for the next available card. If two or more of the three Majors are found next to each other, now is a time for prayer rather than a reading.

The Moon

Begin by laying out The Moon and its two attendant cards at the bottom of the spread. This trio of cards will highlight the fear now rising to the surface, as well as how to cope with the fear.

The World

Place The World and the two cards on either side above the first three cards. XXI represents your circumstances in the world and what is ending/beginning with the current eclipse.

The Sun

Place The Sun with its two flanking cards in the top row. The card to the left of the Sun is a foe/negative influence and something or someone who is blocking your self-expression. The card on the right represents a friend or a friendly/positive influence.

This layout will give you a visual representation of how Earth’s shadow is darkening the Moon and can help you attune to the planetary energies at play for the eclipse in a tangible way.

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