The Circle of Creativity Tarot Spread


I seem caught in a twister of synchronicity this morning, all centred around the concept of creativity. This is what inspired me to create the Circle of Creativity Tarot Spread.

First I watched this video by Deepak Chopra about the four levels of existence (being, feeling, thinking, doing) and the role of modern medicine. This evoked a strong emotional response and made me contemplate what I could do to help people unleash their creativity instead of being stuck in front of the soaps on the telly. My thoughts were focused on how much the planet needs everyone to awaken their creative powers for us to evolve…

Then, after the morning school run, I stumbled upon the following article: 25 Things You Should Know about Creativity by Chuck Wendig. Excerpt from the first paragraph:

“So, let me just say this upfront: creativity is fantastic. It’s a necessity not just for us wifty creative types but for all people everywhere — parents, astronauts, custodians, detectives, cowboys, Navy SEALs, harbor seals, custodial astro-cowboy detectives, and so on (…) Creativity is the fire we stole from the gods.”

Wendig also speaks about creativity being worthless without action, something mentioned by Deepak Chopra in the video I watched before reading the article…

“Can we do a reading on this already!” I hear you asking.

Happy to oblige.

This is the “Circle of Creativity” Life Purpose Tarot Spread and the centre card represents the catalyst for sparking creative ideas into action.


Simply Deep Tarot by James Battersby and Chanel Bayless

1. Being. This is the message from Spirit about your being at this point in time. It represents your inner knowing about your soul’s purpose in this incarnation.  The Judgment card here is a clear indication that I need to move fully into my life’s purpose and leave the past behind… all the guilt, shame and disempowerment that kept me trapped in behaviour that didn’t serve humanity. Judgment very often deals directly with our calling. With all the synchronicity already happening in the last few days, I managed to not faint with excitement.

2. Feeling. How I’m currently feeling about moving forward on my path of service. The High Priestess shows me that I’m deeply attuned emotionally to spiritual service.

3. Thinking. My thoughts concern a practical application and ties in with my Capricorn Sun sign. 4 of Pentacles – Sun in Capricorn. I want to provide something of high quality of lasting value.

4. Doing. I need to be teaching. The High Priest communicates messages from Spirit in a practical and easily understood manner. He keeps his ear to the ground and is familiar with the zeitgeist. What he has to say is relevant or he will soon have an empty church and a huge heating bill.

5. The catalyst. The writer in the 2 of Swords seems to be staring at a blank page. But he keeps on writing… or to quote Windig once more:

“You do. Meaning, you create anyway. You say fuck it and make shit anyway. If the pantry is empty you create food from whatever is near to hand: linoleum, chairs, guinea pigs, your children. You’d be amazed at how often you think you’ve got nothing left in the tanks and it turns out you hadn’t yet shined light in all the darkest corners. Confront the blank page. Being generative creates creativity.”

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