Loving Words from Jesus – Unboxing & Review

Loving Words from Jesus Oracle Unboxing

The Loving Words from Jesus Oracle finally arrived and I’m super excited about sharing my unboxing video with you! There is so much synchronicity around the arrival of this deck for me. Not long after I had placed a pre-order deck, I decided to embark on a period of intermittent fasting for Mind, Body and Spirit. (Feel free to skip this personal bit and scroll down to the review/unboxing.)

Lent – Return of the Prodigal

On some level, I must have realised that this coincided with lent (the traditional period of fasting in the Christian tradition) because a few days into the fast I started feeling a longing to attend a church service – something I hadn’t done for many years due to being completely disenfranchised from organised religion; Too many of my experiences would have me labelled ‘heretic,’ pagan and all around bad egg by your average church-going Christian.

So how did I pluck up the courage? How come I felt such a strong pull? All I know is that I had to be there and that I no longer cared if people judged me. I decided straight away to NOT keep it a secret that I earn my living as a Tarot reader. However, I also decided to not volunteer the information. I find no joy in offending anybody.

It was only in the pew and looking up at the psalm table that it dawned fully on me that I had made it just in time for the first Sunday of Lent – What better time for a prodigal child to return? I even managed to make up for missing the Ash Wednesday service, as we were all offered the mark of the cross on that particular day in case people hadn’t been able to attend the Wednesday service due to work commitments.

Remembering and Finding My Way

When the priest marked me and whispered, ‘Remember that you come from dust and will return to dust,’ I felt very at home. I am now about as awkward and politically incorrect as you can be but I have never been happier. Reading ‘How to Be a Bad Christian‘ and ‘What We Talk About When We Talk About God‘ has really helped and my most current read, ‘Path of a Christian Witch‘ is helping me find further language and organisation for my thoughts and feelings. (ETA 2022 – I have since deconstructed and reconstructed my faith in a different way. It’s been a painful journey, especially in 2020.)

It doesn’t have to be either or, it can be both. Yes, I’m a Christian and a Pagan. (ETA 2022: I would no longer use either of those labels). A follower of the Way (still cool with that in 2022) and a Tarot reader (most definitely true in 2022 after a 6-month break and Dark Night of the Soul in 2020) and a Servant of the Light. A lot of people can’t handle this. As expected I’ve had some run-ins already it’s water off a duck’s back this time around.

The Deck Review Bit

Let’s talk about the Loving Words of Jesus Oracle. The first thing you’ll notice if you are an avid collector of Doreen Virtue decks is that this is the only deck ever that doesn’t come with its own companion booklet. No worries – that’s what the Bible is for, right? I know some people are really peeved about this but I can honestly say that I very read her companion books anyway and didn’t even think to mention that the booklet was ‘missing’ in the unboxing video. But yeah, I’m a little disappointed too… only because I’m curious about DV’s faith and want to know more.

I am happy to see that all the scripture quotes are from the four Gospels but wouldn’t mind if she had included some apocryphal stuff. It may even have been more congruent with Doreen’s beliefs. She seems to have more in common with the gnostics than the mainstream Christians in the sense that she includes the divine feminine in her faith. (ETA 2022: This was obviously before she converted to Evangelical Christianity in 2017.)

A lot of the cards have samey verses. I think more variety might work better and I’m wondering why there is not. There are so many beautiful Scripture verses to choose from.

One final small criticism: Jesus has brown eyes, not blue. At least that is how he appeared to me in a dream vision.

Other than that, I do love this deck and give it 4 stars out of 5.

And now I’ll let the video speak for itself. Feel free to fast forward past my personal stuff if you just want to see the card images.


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  1. I just baught the Jesus deck myself. I wondered why it didnt have a book with it, so I looked it up, and found your page.
    Then I saw your beautiful wand.
    Where did you buy it, if I may ask?

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