New Moon in Cancer Tarot Spread

Two Cancer New Moon Tarot Spreads

Two New Moon in Cancer Tarot Spreads

Today I’m sharing not one but TWO Cancer New Moon Tarot Spreads. The first spread is a self-love spread and the second is for those of you self-dedicating on a Priestess Path.

Cancer has dominion over our early years, the home, mothering, nurturing, intuition, and our emotions. It is an energy that likes to keep itself to itself. Unfortunately, the shadow of Cancer can sometimes come out in passive-aggressive ways when dealing with conflict. This is due to innate conflict avoidance tendencies.

The corresponding Major Arcana Tarot card is The Chariot and the corresponding Minors are 2-4 of Cups and the Queen of Cups.

New Moon Ritual Tips

Any form of ritual or celebration of the New Moon in Cancer should ideally take place near a body of water and/or have the Water Element in focus.

For minimalists just sitting by a river and watching the sunset in the West (direction of Element of Water) may be enough.

Those of you working with Angelic energy for the esbats will want to invoke the assistance of Archangel Gabriel, ruler of The Moon/Cancer for any of your workings.

Altars are highly personal and it is more important than what you place on them resonates with you and your beliefs. However, if you are looking for ideas, appropriate altar decorations during a Cancer New Moon are seashells, jasmine, white roses, white lilies, pearls, white candles, and Goddess images or statues.

Cancer carries the energy of the Divine Feminine very strongly, so this New Moon is an excellent time for any self-dedication ceremony you may wish to perform to step onto a Path of service to Her.

It would also be appropriate to detox between now (Litha) and the New Moon – especially if you are considering a self-dedication ceremony.


New Moon in Cancer Nurture Reboot Tarot Spread

1. Why do I need a nurture reboot. Resentment/sadness over past lack of nurturing and the impact of one or both of these in your life.
2. How I nurture others. This shows how you care for others in practical ways.
3. How I nurture myself. This shows how you care for yourself in practical ways.
4. How to improve how I nurture others. Something you can improve on over the next six months in terms of caring better for your loved ones.
5. How to improve how I nurture myself. Something you can improve on over the next six months in order to better care for yourself.
6. How to improve my ability to receive TLC/nurturing from others. This card shows you how/when/where to open up to receiving loving care and nurturing from those who love you.


goddess self-dedication tarot spread

1. The nature of my calling. How to embody more of the Sacred Feminine.
2. Her blessing as I set out on this Path. What gift she bestows on me as I take my vow to serve Her.
3. What I must sacrifice. Something that must now begin to diminish in importance or be completely jettisoned from my life.
4. What past gift or talent I can use on this Path? Something I already excel at and that would be useful on this Path of service
5. What future gift or talent I must nurture to succeed on this Path. A hidden talent that can blossom now.


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  1. Hi Lisa <3

    It was a while since I shared my readings, was too busy with movement and other things. Your spreads are always so inspiring!!! Thanks so much!!!
    I want to share my second spread. It is so shockingly into the point and so strangely harmonious…

    1 – The Wheel of Fortune – Change is the nature of my calling, change and good luck. To keep on expressing my inner truth and to stick to the Center.
    2 – 8 of Pentacles – She will bestow on me self-transformation, balance, strength, light heart, truth and honesty in vision of Self… Skilful Master, a true Feminine Goddess.
    3 – 6 of Wands – I must sacrifice denying and neglecting the Sacral Feminine Goddess within me.
    4 – The Devil – Wow. Gifts from the past. Keep on working on my shadow side and keep solidarity in my beliefs.
    5 – The Tower – OMG. Future gifts. Liberation, destruction of illusions. Freedom of unnecessary things.
    Yes, it all fits so well and fits with the work I am currently doing.

    I also did the nurture reboot spread, but it is not so straightforward. Well, maybe I will share it too to clarity on this part of the shadow work…. πŸ˜‰

    1 – The King of Wands – maybe I am somewhat arrogant sometimes…
    2 – 4 of Pentacles – I want to clink too tightly to what I already have within my boundaries….
    3 – 2 of Swords – struggling to find balance between tension and peace, between fight and surrender…
    4 – The Queen of Wands – well, I see here the hint to cross my boundaries from 4 of Pentacles and go into the spotlight creating the environment where the true self gifts are nurtured…
    5 – The King of Water – to master my emotions, to open up my heart further with lots of compassion towards myself and others.
    6 – 10 of Wands – looks like I need to learn to ask for help…
    Now it makes more sense indeed πŸ™‚

    With love and light <3

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