how to build an angel altar

How to Make an Angel Altar

Angel Altar

Why Would You Make an Angel Altar?

Before we go into the ‘how’ in ‘How to make an angel altar,’ let’s talk about why you might wish to make one. After all, the intention is the key when working with Spirit. Perhaps you are already aware that angels are all around you (they are indeed!) and that you don’t need an altar (or a church) to communicate with them. So why create an altar space?

Well, it’s not so that you can start worshipping the angels. As messengers of the Divine, they do not wish to be worshipped. What the altar does is serve as a constant reminder that your angels are always with you. It can also help you focus your intention when working with the angels.

Different Styles of Angel Altars

There are as many different types and styles of Angel Altars as there are individuals. That’s because there is no right or wrong way to work with the angels. Nor do angels belong specifically to any one religion, path or tradition. The only thing that matters (say it with me now) is your intention.

That said, if you are a ceremonial magician, you will probably wish to follow the protocol of your tradition for laying out your altar. The same goes for any Wiccans out there. In Silver Ravenwolf’s seminal work on Angel Magick, Angels: Companions in Magick, you will find the traditional Wiccan way of creating an Angel Altar.

In this post, we are looking at more intuitive ways of creating a personalised Angel Altar. The point of personalising your Altar (for any types of spirits you wish to work with) is that it deepens your personal connection with the Angelic Realm.

Cleansing – Before You Add Your Bits and Bobs

Whenever you come across an article on how to create an altar, you will notice that the first step is to cleanse and energetically clear the area and the objects that you wish to place on your altar. I’m all for that. It’s entirely appropriate and makes it possible to charge and consecrate the area after. However, more importantly, make sure you cleanse and clear your mind energetically before you start constructing your altar space.

Before you set an intention to work with the angelic realm, consider the following:

  • Do you honour and respect yourself and others?
  • Is there anybody you need to forgive?
  • Do you wish to work for the Highest Good of All or are you hoping for egoic gains?

This does not mean you have to be perfect before you start working with the Angels. However, your heart needs to be in the right place. Your working area can be pristine, without a speck of dust, but if you carry a grudge or envy someone, you will bring that energy with you to your work and shut the connection down.

So spend some time journaling about your intention to begin working with the Angels. And ask them to show you which areas of your life you have yet to surrender to Divine Love and Wisdom.

Remember, like attracts like. The more angelic your own heart becomes, the more the angels will be drawn to work with you for the Summum Bonum.

What to Put on Your Angel Altar

This is the least important part of how to make your Angel Altar. After all, you do not need physical items other than as reminders. Yet, choosing the right symbols can really help when you wish to focus your energy to achieve specific goals.

List of Angel Altar Items to Choose From:

However, your choices are not limited to the items above. The only limit of what you can put on your Angel Altar is your own imagination. And if all you feel you need is a white candle, so be it!

Perhaps even more important than the items you choose, are the colours. Colour vibration creates very strong focus associations for both the conscious and the subconscious mind.

Angel Altar Colour Correspondences

You can choose to work mainly with the colours of the direction in which you placed your Angel Altar. So, for instance, if your Altar is in the East, it corresponds with Air and Archangel Raphael. The colours are green and gold. However, if this is not a tradition that resonates with you, feel free to ignore it–The Angels can still work with you!

Depending on the layout of our living area, we do not always get a choice in which direction to place our altar. However, if you do have a choice, I strongly recommend placing the Angel Altar in the direction of the Element that you know is weak or missing from your birth chart. This is a very effective way to use Angel Healing to create more harmony and wholeness in our lives.

Some of the other Angelic Colour Correspondences:

Of course, you do not need to dedicate your angel altar to any specific Archangel but it is still good to know the calling card colours for each. Also, this will tell you why you may have been intuitively drawn to decorate your altar with a specific colour.

If you prefer to not use the traditional Angel names, you can choose a colour that corresponds with your need instead. For healing, you would use green, for instance, and just dedicate the altar to the Angels of Healing.

Anointing Oils

A good general-purpose anointing oil for working with the Angels is frankincense but sandalwood or cedarwood also work really well. You can also buy a ready-made blend such as this one which is based on a traditional recipe from the Bible. Additionally, I find that rose essential oil works really well and it is the oil of choice for connecting with Mary/Isis, Queen of Angels.

As previously stated, you do not need to anoint yourself to do the work. However, if this is something you would like to try, the oil goes over the Ajna/Third Eye Chakra and the Higher Heart Chakra, to balance your mind and heart and invoke Divine Love and Wisdom.

You may also wish to research specific Archangel essential oil correspondences to work directly with any of the Archangels.

Angel Aura Sprays

Rather than anointing yourself, you may wish to use an Angel Aura Spray. You can easily make your own from your choice of essential oils and crystals. I also like to add Bach Flower Remedies. Make sure to add 50% pure alcohol as a preservative and use glass rather than plastic spray bottles. Both the oils and the alcohol leach plastic.

Hopefully, you feel excited about making some space for the Angels in your life after reading this. I’m excited for you, my friend! Your life will change for the better, guaranteed. If you create an altar, please tag me on Instagram (!

Consecrating Your Altar

Assuming you have already physically cleaned and energetically cleansed the area and the items that go on your Angel Altar by smudging or clearing them with Reiki etc, you are now ready go consecrate it and dedicate it to bringing more of the Light of the Angelic Realm to Earth.

This is simply done by setting your intention. Write down what you wish to achieve and then formulate a prayer/decree that reflects your intention. Read this prayer or decree out loud since the vibration of your voice amplifies your intentions. Ring your bell if you have one. You can then complete the consecration by stating out loud, ‘I seal the consecration of my Angel Altar with Divine Love and Wisdom’ three times + ‘It is done.’


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