Process of Initiation Tarot Spread

Process of Initiation Tarot Spread

Process of Initiation Tarot Spread

The Process of Initiation Tarot Spread is inspired by my own recent thoughts on the role of fear in initiation.

All forms of initiation are about transcending self-imposed fears. There are many levels to transcend and many awakenings to be had. In fact, as long as you breathe, you are either being initiated or find yourself in transit between one initiation and the next.

In order to transcend our fears, we have to reach with our hearts to the centre of the Universe where the heart of the Creator dwells. And it doesn’t matter if you call it the Higher Self, Source, the Universe or God… or simply grace.

To understand what your current or upcoming initiation is, you simply need to look at your deepest fear. Usually you need to dig quite deep to get to the root course of the fear. This is where the transformation potential lies.

Once rightly understood, your deepest fear becomes your fiercest ally.

The Ancients knew this and this is why every initiation ritual contains an element of facing one’s fear.

The 5 Components of the Process of Initiation

There are five main components in the initiation process and you may pull a card for each:

1. Change – the illusion begins to crumble. Shows you which areas of your life are most affected by the current process of initiation.
2. Trial by Fear – this is the loneliest portion of the process. You and you alone can face your fears. Increased feelings of anxiety is often a tell-tale sign that you are going through an initiation process. Until this specific fear has been resolved you will experience the first three steps of the process over and over.
3. Integrating the Lesson – changing the script of your thoughts (not necessarily a linear process). If successful this step will lead on to step 4.
4. Awakening – Freedom from the illusion
5. Service – The initiated becomes a catalyst for initiation.


1. Litha/The Sun
Change: This concerns fertility, joy and abundance
2. 3 of Air/SwordsTrial by Fear: The fear you have to face concerns abandonment
3. 6 of PentaclesIntegrating the lesson: You learn how to trust that you receive what you need and that you are safe no matter how things appear on the surface
4. The Tower Awakening: The world as you know it will come to an end. Prepare to rebuild from scratch. The release of energy will have a positive effect on your overall vitality levels. It’s all good
5. 9 of Water/Cups Service: Your newly found contentment will have an impact on others and serve as a catalyst for change


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  1. Very interesting article ! I’m definitely in the second lonely phase of trial by fears! My biggest fear is to remain single and alone for the rest of my life. Some months ago I dreamt that I was walking the street and when passing 2 men dressed in black suits and white collar the man closest to me said: you’ll never have a relationship ! When he saw the chock on my face and my disapointment, he added: at least not for now but you’ll have a beautiful white horse. When I woke up and remembered the dream I was in total panic with strong anxiety. It felt that I’d been given a death sentence ! Now after some time has passed I believe it’s more about me facing my biggest fear. What do you think, Lisa?

    1. Post

      Yes, I believe that is exactly what the dream was about… It’s almost as if they were undertakers… and the White Horse is the horse Death rides on… You were afraid you would have to ‘bury’ your dream… But Death is very much about transformation and sometimes major transformation takes place in the form of an initiation. Blessings

  2. Hey, Not sure if this is the right post to ask but what does it mean when tarot repeats your question to you? The other day, I asked “Why does the universe seem to send me constant reminders about my ex. (seeing his birth year 77, meeting people who know him or hearing his name (and it’s not a common name)?

    I pulled 8 of wands (base/shadow card), Judgement, King of cups, and World. My first though was that the tarot was simply repeating my question or that it was saying, “These messages are from the universe to remind you of him.”

    What is your take on that? Tarot repeating the question?

    1. Post

      Nimat, I think this falls into the same category as when I was pregnant the first time… all of a sudden all I could see everywhere was pregnant bellies and newborns… It wasn’t a sign – it was more of a shift in perception based on what I was going through. You miss him so it is natural that you will see reminders of him everwhere – it happens to all of us. I recommend not reading on this any more now. Blessings

      1. Thanks for the quick response. I will try my best, Lisa as this breakup has been the most difficult of them all and the ending of it makes no sense to me 🙁

    2. Post

      PS. No, you don’t get the Tarot repeating the question… but you do get the Tarot given nonsense readings when you do multiple readings on the same theme in a short space of time.

  3. What do ‘Wheel of Fortune’ in #4 and ‘4 of Pentacles’ in #5 position indicate?
    The card I got for #1 is ‘Knight of Pentaxles”‘ so, this change concerns my financial/materialistic goals and ambitions.

    1. Post

      Shivangi, If it is about finances, the Wheel (Jupiter) could be an awakening to your own intuitive guidance about when to take risks and expand. You can ask Archangel Sachiel for further advice/information on this. The 4 of Pentacles (Sun in Capricorn) as ‘Service’ is very much about being financially responsible and knowing your limits. This makes you trustworthy and others can rely on you – it also resonates nicely with the Knight of Pentacles.

  4. Thanks for sharing your reading, Trish. That looks like a powerful initiation process. How do you feel about it? Where in the process would you say you are (bearing in mind it's not necessarily linear)?

  5. Wildwood Tarot
    1) Change – King of Bows – this is an inner spiritual change
    2) Trial by Fear – Devil – taking control of fears and dealing with insecurities. Freeing myself from whatever restrictions hold me back
    3) Integrating the lesson – Ace of Stones – transmute thoughts, energies & emotions into the tangible
    4) Awakening – Two of Vessels – reconcile inner polarities through self-love
    5) Service – Ace of Vessels – powerful spiritual awakening

  6. Lisa, I just came to this before sitting with my cards this morning. Thank you for a new perspective! It will be useful right now.

    All things come to us at the right time, right?!

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