Process of Initiation Tarot Spread

Process of Initiation Tarot Spread

Process of Initiation Tarot Spread

The Process of Initiation Tarot Spread is inspired by my own recent thoughts on the role of fear in initiation.

All forms of initiation are about transcending self-imposed fears. There are many levels to transcend and many awakenings to be had. In fact, as long as you breathe, you are either being initiated or find yourself in transit between one initiation and the next.

In order to transcend our fears, we have to reach with our hearts to the centre of the Universe where the heart of the Creator dwells. And it doesn’t matter if you call it the Higher Self, Source, the Universe or God… or simply grace.

To understand what your current or upcoming initiation is, you simply need to look at your deepest fear. Usually you need to dig quite deep to get to the root course of the fear. This is where the transformation potential lies.

Once rightly understood, your deepest fear becomes your fiercest ally.

The Ancients knew this and this is why every initiation ritual contains an element of facing one’s fear.

The 5 Components of the Process of Initiation

There are five main components in the initiation process and you may pull a card for each:

1. Change – the illusion begins to crumble. Shows you which areas of your life are most affected by the current process of initiation.
2. Trial by Fear – this is the loneliest portion of the process. You and you alone can face your fears. Increased feelings of anxiety is often a tell-tale sign that you are going through an initiation process. Until this specific fear has been resolved you will experience the first three steps of the process over and over.
3. Integrating the Lesson – changing the script of your thoughts (not necessarily a linear process). If successful this step will lead on to step 4.
4. Awakening – Freedom from the illusion
5. Service – The initiated becomes a catalyst for initiation.


1. Litha/The Sun
Change: This concerns fertility, joy and abundance
2. 3 of Air/SwordsTrial by Fear: The fear you have to face concerns abandonment
3. 6 of PentaclesIntegrating the lesson: You learn how to trust that you receive what you need and that you are safe no matter how things appear on the surface
4. The Tower Awakening: The world as you know it will come to an end. Prepare to rebuild from scratch. The release of energy will have a positive effect on your overall vitality levels. It’s all good
5. 9 of Water/Cups Service: Your newly found contentment will have an impact on others and serve as a catalyst for change

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