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Single and Happy Tarot Spread

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Whether you just broke up with someone or have been single for a while, this spread is guaranteed to make you the Sun of your own solar system. It is entirely possible to be happy and fulfilled as a single woman. In fact, I do believe the odds for happiness weigh in favour of us single ladies. 😉

I created the Tarot spread below to help you remember that you are the brightest star in your own Universe. It’s inspired by the 10 Astrological Planets in our solar system. Remember that you are the source of your own light and happiness. You don’t need a man to shine, baby!

Single and Happy - 10 Planets Tarot Spread

1. The Sun – You! Your vitality levels
2. Mercury – Your self-talk
3. Venus – Friendships
4. Mars – Opposition
5. Jupiter – Career opportunities/Good fortune
6. Saturn – Your obligations
7. Uranus – Unexpected future events
8. Neptune – Your dreams, goals and aspirations
9. Pluto – What is changing/needs to change
10. The Moon – Emotional challenge (stands between you and being 100% happy). This card, Pluto (change) and Mercury (self-talk) form the key to unlocking the missing ingredient for complete and total self-fulfilment.

Don’t let anyone or anything eclipse your light!

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  1. Wow! This was really cool and a great ‘check up’ spread. Here was mine (using Lisa Hunt’s Fairytale Tarot) and my interpretation. My cards were really positive.

    1. The Magician – high energy! focused and directed will
    2. Princess (Knight) of Swords – brave self-talk
    3. Nine of Pentacles – harmonious and stable relations
    4. 6 of Swords – letting go, reflecting without worrying about what will be
    5. The Lovers – work that I love and feel passionately about
    6. 5 of Cups – grief-counseling? (I created and participate in a support group), tend to what remains
    7. 6 of Pentacles – inner peace and prosperity, a potential benefactor or guide
    8. 10 of Cups – great contentment, goal attained, happiness, emotional fulfilment
    9. Princess (Knight) of Cups – be in tune with my heart and intuition and open to others
    10. Temptation (Devil) – integration of my shadow self

    I did find positions 4 and 6 a bit confusing but I think I got it. If I’m way off on those positions or any others, I’d welcome redirection. It would have been interesting had I done this spread a year ago and compared. I suspect I would have had a lot more swords and 5s.

  2. Hi Lisa,

    I love this spread. I’ve never been interested in romantic relationships, but I’ve had trouble feeling entirely comfortable with myself because society dictates that you need a partner in order to be happy.

    I do have one problem, though. I got the six of cups in the “obligations” position. I’m stumped because I don’t have any children or relatives who depend on me. Child support would be an “obligation” I’d associate with this one card, but obviously I’m missing something. What are your thoughts?

  3. Hi Lisa, I have the five of swords in position five, which freaked me out a bit at first but I’m maybe reading it now as the opportunity to give up or abandon something that’s no longer working (?)

    Do you have any thoughts on cards that would typically be read as disappointing or negative in this position? Would you always look for the positive?

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi there, yes, for the purpose of this spread I would always find the most positive interpretation. In this instance it could mean the opportunity to defeat someone you have been at cross purposes with!

      1. Ha ha! It’s my own negative attitude I have the opportunity to defeat! I’ve got the 8 of swords in position 2, and at the moment I’m trying to work through all my self doubt and fear and negative self talk regarding my work. Thanks so much for the interpretation, you’re spookily sharp, your comment actually made me laugh out loud 🙂

        Johanna 🙂

  4. I did the one card spread and asked why i was interested in getting back with my ex and i got the This card – Lord of Virtue 3 of wands….Dont really understand the answer why i would be interested in going back to him with the 3 of wands any input would help but i do know the card is telling me it is important that you cast aside doubts and fears, refusing to fall back into old habits. Instead you must turn your face to the future, trusting in your own power, making no compromises. Trust yourself, and everything else will fall into place.

    1. It’s a sign that you ‘triangulate’ in relationships to get the excitement you crave in order to make up for deep-rooted insecurities and a feeling of not being complete, whole and worthy of love.

      I’m not used to dishing out stuff like this in a public forum but you asked for it and I have given it to you straight – for the benefit of others as well as you.

      If you need a reading on how to set that 6 of Swords course and find a path of unconditional love for self and others, I will be here!

      Have a great weekend!

      1. Its no problem Lisa I appreciate you being straight forward with me and you are 100% correct I never felt complete or whole or worthy of love it all stems from a very bad childhood and never feeling loved! So I guess thats y i am who i am! And Have a hard time appreciating or should i say more RECONIZING love when it is being given to me! Like you say I gotta learn to love myself,then everything else will start to make more sense! If i’m interested in a reading .where do i go for one?

  5. I know right, I have an amazing man who is a beautiful human being and would do anything for me! But i lack that thrill,excitement that passion For the only downfall with my man is he is so boring lol he is such a home body doesnt want to do much but stay at home all the time! I guess its up to me to decide in the end which way i will go,But after today and talking with you if i do decide to leave this relationship i will not go back to my ex,It is to conflicting and will never work out !! But I also get scared to leave the relationship I’m in now in case I lose a good person and end up with a horrible person!! Life is a gamble i guess,just dont know how brave i am to venture it on my own again! 🙂

  6. Love this spread thanks for recomending it, Although not to happy on the cards that came out on this spread for me i find them so conflicting! Am I a Internal mess Lisa?? lol Heres my spread Lisa
    1. ace of wands
    2. 3 of swords
    3. 8 of pentacles
    4.10 of swords
    5. tower
    6. 6 of swords
    9. king of swords
    10. 9 of swords

    Just wanna know if its as bad as I think it is or do you see some hope,The only card i like is the ace of wands the rest scare me 🙁 And am I being warned to be careful of the king of swords just a feeling im getting,I know it doesnt fit the spread but i get that feeling still!

    1. OK, so let’s hear why you think all the other cards are so bad. I see a lot of good stuff here and the Ace of Wands is great for high vitality levels. You know, what they say, ‘If you have good health, you have everything.’ It only takes a really bad cold for us to realise that 🙂

      I suppose your dim view of all the other cards fits with the 3 of Swords in self-talk, so perhaps you could get a friend to help you use this spread for an honest self-evaluation.

      It’s not a predictive spread as such but one to use for personal development.

      The interpretation of each card is entirely dependent on where you are right now (not on your fears for the future unless they have taken over entirely), so try to be as objective as possible both about your situation and how you feel about it.

      Have you ever read any stuff by Wayne W. Dyer? He’s great for helping people turn negative self-talk around!

      1. I can see where thats coming from and I.m aware of that,Thanks Lisa! I just got one question though I’m very puzzled by what you told me earlier in my first reading ( will me and my ex get back together ) Because there was some infidelity and we broke up,he begged for me to come back but i never did!! now its been three years and yes he is with a girl but some of my friends are telling me that he regrets losing me so much and that he wants to be back with me but he is scared to express his feelings to me because I am also in a relationship with somebody! any insight on that or onther spread you can recommend for that paticular issue would be appreciated ty Jennnifer 🙂

        1. Uh-oh. It’s all hearsay… I guess a more interesting question in terms of personal development would be ‘WHY am I remotely interested in going back to a cheating ex who is in a new relationship when I am in a committed relationship myself?’

          There is no specific spread for sorting this one out, but you could try pulling one card for the question above… if you want to avoid more drama, that is.

          Or you could just get a reading.

          Wishing you smooth 6 of Swords sailin’ 🙂

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