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Single and Happy Tarot Spread

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Whether you just broke up with someone or have been single for a while, this spread is guaranteed to make you the Sun of your own solar system. It is entirely possible to be happy and fulfilled as a single woman. In fact, I do believe the odds for happiness weigh in favour of us single ladies 😉 I created …

Celebrity Readings – Top 5 Reasons Not To

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Doing celebrity Tarot readings is a popular practice and all done in a spirit of ‘good fun’ so why is it I get increasingly uncomfortable as I watch more and more of my colleagues get on the media bandwagon with this? Am I just being a Saturnine (Mercury in Capricorn) wet blanket or could there be some sound spiritual and philosophical …

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The Tarot 5s in Love

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The Tarot 5s can indicate a crisis, evolution, conflict, aggression, communication, healing, learning through the senses, the quest for freedom and a love for adventure. Romantically, the 5s in the Minor Arcana touch on the need for freedom in one way or another. The issues highlighting this could be jealousy or power plays of one or another. The lessons are …