stalker card tarot spread

The Stalker Card Tarot Spread

In Tarot circles we sometimes talk about certain cards ‘stalking’ us. The stalker card shows up in pretty much every reading we do. We often struggle with the exact meaning of these ‘repeat offenders’ even though many of us have years and years of experience and some of us are professionals.

The reason stalker Tarot cards are so difficult to read for oneself is that they reflect a shadow aspect that is coming up for healing.

I came up with a simple little Stalker Card Tarot Spread which will hopefully help you shed light on any ‘stalkers’ and can also be used to bring a theme card into sharper focus.

Stalker Card Tarot Spread

stalker card tarot spread

1. Why I have to have this lesson
2. What I will have learned by the end of it
3. Stalker card
4. How I am doing right now
5. Pass or fail?
6. Angelic guidance and comfort

Stalker Card Tarot Spread Sample Reading

Stalker Tarot Spread

For the purpose of illustrating this spread with a sample reading, I chose to use the year theme card I pulled for my 12 Houses Zodiac reading at the start of 2012. It’s the 10 of Swords and in spite of getting a very helpful message from my Spirit guides about the deeper meaning of this card, I am still struggling with the ‘why’ as in ‘Why did I have to go through all this pain again in 2012?’

Sure, this card has shown up in some of the readings I have done about various topics throughout the year but I can honestly say that I might as well have embroidered a spread cloth with this card’s image – that’s how ’10 of Swordsy’ this year has been.

Soooo… before I laid the Sakki Sakki Tarot cards out in the pattern you see below, with an Archangel Oracle Card for additional spiritual guidance, I invoked Archangel Jeremiel. I shuffled and cut as usual and then looked through the cards until I got to the 10 of Swords. I separated it and the two cards on either side out and laid them before me in the order they were found in the deck:

1. Why I Have to Have This Lesson

The Star is the card of Hope in the Tarot deck and I feel that this is a gentle nod from the Angel of Hope that I invoked at the start of the reading. Also, it tells me that I am meant to learn to ask for his help a bit more often. I need to learn what it is like to find and renew hope in the most desperate situations so that I can help others do the same. The Star resonates with the Aquarian humanitarian energies and is never just about the seeker – it’s about the lives that she touches. The water-bearer reminds us that our actions are like rings on water…

2. What I Will Have Learned by The End of It

At the end of this lesson, I will hopefully have learned that life is very difficult sometimes and that we need to have these experiences in order to invoke more grace as well as learn to ask for help. (5 of Pentacles)

3. The Stalker Card

The offending card (10 of Swords)

4. How I Am Doing Now

The King of Swords shows up to let me know I’m using the intellect to analyse the situation. Well played, Tarot, well played.

5. Pass or Fail

Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong but I take the Knight of Swords here as a potential pass. Why? Well, because he resonates with the Aquarian Star card and because it happens to be my birthday courtier (last decan of Capricorn). Yeah, I know he’s not perfect but he’s not a quitter and he’s more than willing to detach himself from his personal woes to get to the truth. In fact, he would lay his very life down for the truth.

6. Angelic Guidance and Comfort

Thank you, Raguel. It’s nice to know that my personal relationships are seeing some angelic intervention. Not that there is an all-out war going on here but this has been a year of serious uninvited meddling by people who really did not have my best interests at heart. T’would be nice for that to end. Cheers!

ETA January 2016: It did end, of course. No situation, no matter how bad, lasts forever. My latest stalker card is the 8 of Wands. I’m glad I found this oldie but goodie from the archives because I do believe it will come in handy!


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  1. I just came across this Lisa and it’s very useful. My stalker card is the 6 of swords. cards 1,2,3 and 4 are – Queen of cups, Magician, 5 of Wands and 8 of swords. So the lessons are amazing, but it is tough going through it. This helps explain….

  2. There are times that we encounter fear and disappointments in life yet we still manage to stand up straight and face it rather that being silent. That was a very good example of being a brave person. Well, I would like to thank you for sharing a very good article it is very much appreciated, good job! You can visit my site too if you want. Have a great day!

  3. Ha! Just tried this for the two stalker cards in my spreads (The Star and 4 of Wands)… To be honest, I didn't get a lot of info out of the spread, whatever I saw didn't resonate a lot with me! For example, for 4 of Wands, the position 1 card was King of Swords… and I was like ?????. However, since the pass/fail card was exactly the same both times (3 of Pentacles)… I am just assuming that ultimately the pass/fail involves both people involved in this situation rather than just one! Just my feedback, though!

  4. I haven't had any cards stalking me lately, but as soon as one starts (and it has happened often enough!), I'm going to try this.

  5. The Wheel of Fortune and 7 of Pents are my 2 stalker cards, I totally get the WOF bc i always say my luck is "bipolar" etc but 7 of pents? no idea!

  6. So that's why those cards come up! Thanks for shedding light here. I had some cards stalk me so bad I just gave the deck away (yes, I'm referring to you Ramses Tarot of Eternity deck). I could never figure out the message but I will work with these more in the future.

  7. I just did this spread, but instead I pulled the card that fits how I've been feeling and pulled the bottom card of the deck for #6. Very interesting and encouraging!! Great spread, Lisa. 🙂

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