decision-making with the tarot

Smart Decision-Making with the Tarot

decision-making with the tarot

Decision-Making with the Tarot

Ever since the first die was created, the first rune carved and the first piece of Tarot cardboard was painted, people have used divinatory tools to help them make decision. In fact, this practice goes back all the way back to biblical times (and beyond) with the High Priests using the Urin and Thummim to divine (ask for divine guidance) on important matters.

Why do we need to learn the smart way to decision-make with the Tarot? Most people go to see a Tarot reader when they have to make a decision and/or feel confused about the best way forward. We need to realise that smart decision-making is as much an art form as is reading the Tarot. Our lives are built on the choices we make in life. Thank goodness for the Tarot which can help us make better-informed choices… But the key to making the most of the Tarot as a tool for decision-making is an understanding of how to ask and what to look for.

The temptation is to jump the gun and ask ‘Should I…?’ Stop right there! THINK. If you are asking ‘Should I?’ who are you asking… More importantly, why are you asking as if there is one definite solution rather than opening up to the Universe showing you more possibilities? We don’t want to use the Tarot to shut us down and limit our options now, do we?

Who are we asking?

To ask the Tarot for guidance means we have to trust in some form of guidance from above/the powers that be/divinity/our higher self, right? We are not asking pieces of paper without intelligence of their own to direct our path and destiny. So be clear on who you are seeking guidance from and make that connection, not just with your mind but with your heart. If it is anything The Lovers in the Tarot teach us is that making good choices depend entirely on our heart-mind alignment.

How to ask

So rather than asking ‘Should I…?’ What would be a better way to ask? Let’s say you are choosing between doing a degree in astrophysics and becoming nail technician (a bit extreme, I know). You have a great love and talent for both options. You have drawn up a list of pros and cons for both and they come out about the same so you are left scratching your head… This is where the Tarot comes in because it can show you hidden aspects for both career options that you may not be fully aware of yet.

To get a visual for these hidden aspects, you may wish to use a free form spread like the Intuitive Two Choices Tarot Spread… or you can use the Clarity Spread for one career option at the time to clearly see the associated challenge/shadow aspect and spiritual lesson for each, as well as what you would need to do to be successful on either path.

Then there are times when you have narrowed your options down to one and you are still not 100% sure if now is the best time to go ahead. Or you may need a yes/no answer about whether or not an event will take place that will affect your own decision-making process. For this you have two different holistic Tarot yes/no Tarot spreads to choose from. Here is one and here is the other.

Opening up to further guidance may also be a good idea. For instance, if you have a couple of options in mind but don’t feel 100% about either of them, you can always ask you what a third, unknown option that would be for the Highest Good of All might look like.

What to look for

Other than the obvious card meanings, please bear in mind that nobody is called to abandon common sense. Common sense must always rule the day. For instance, I had someone contact me the other day about a job interview. She had not yet heard back from her prospective employer but she had received an invitation to apply for another job within the same company and wanted me to do a reading on the situation. In this type of scenario, common sense dictates that you seek clarification from the company directly about the first job application before moving onto getting a reading.

When you look at what the cards are mirroring back at you, ask yourself how these symbols and archetypes make sense for your particular situation. Sometimes they will show you very clearly what is going on and other times it is more subtle. There is no shame in opening a book or going online to clarify the card meanings while you are still learning.

In addition to the cards making sense to your particular situation, it is equally important to note how you feel when you process this information. Your own feelings are as much a clue about the right direction to move in. Positive, expansive emotions coupled with bright and supportive Tarot cards are a green light, of course but challenging cards can equally be a green light if you feel EXCITED about the opportunity for growth presented by this challenge.

Decision-making in your dreams

Don’t fret if instant clarity is not available in spite of your best efforts while doing the reading. Sometimes we are better served by someone else reading for us, so that our blind spots are properly covered… Other times, those blind spots are cleared while we are sleeping. Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep and the clarity we can gain in dreamtime.

You can allow your reading to work together with the power of your subconscious mind in dreamtime. Do this by looking at the reading before falling asleep and asking your Higher Self/guardian angel for guidance. The reason this works so well is that the Tarot and your dreams both speak the same language: the language of symbols


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