Tarot Year Card Review Spread


As you may know, if you read the last post I wrote before Christmas, I had promised no more new posts until the New Year but this morning, I thought it would be nifty to create and share a Tarot Year Card Review Spread… so here we are! 

You can figure out what your year card for the year now waning HERE and look up the meaning of that card HERE. My Tarot year card was Death and Death has definitely been a main player in (not only) my life this year.

1. Area of my life most affected by the lessons associated with my Tarot Year Card. A Major Arcana here shows that this was a key year for you in terms of personal development. Pentacles = work/health. Wands = career/creativity. Cups = relationships/psychic ability. Swords = communication/problem solving.
2. Main challenge I had to overcome. 
3. An awareness that surfaced. Something that is affecting you now because of your Tarot Year Card lessons.
4. Something I may still not be aware of. Something else that is affecting you now because of your Tarot Year Card lessons.
6. A waning influence/something I will be able to leave behind in the New Year. This is leaving your life now because of how you coped with your Tarot Year Card lessons.
7. A blessing to carry forward into the New Year. This is something profit that you will be able to take with you thanks to handling your Tarot Year Card lessons well.

Lots of Love and Best Wishes for the New Year!

Lisa Frideborg