magickal uses for primrose

The Magick of Primrose

  Primrose and cowslip are often mistaken for one another and there is a reason for this: They are so genetically similar (both from the family Primulaceae) that they interbreed without interference or help from humans, resulting in oxlips. But for today, we will focus only on the magick of the common/English primrose (primula vulgaris), seen in the image above.

Heart Chakra Relationship Reading with the Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle

A while back, I created a Heart Chakra spread with the Psychic Tarot Oracle, to be used with the Romance Angels Oracle or an oracle of your choice. Now that John Holland has come out with a more relationship-specific deck, I thought it would be fun to revisit this spread, using his Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle. This time, I decided to pull the Oracle advice card from the Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle deck. The Heart Chakra …