The Four Chambers of the Heart Tarot Spread


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Today I thought we would experiment with the cards to see if they can teach us anything about our ability to give and receive love and how we can improve both. In order to do this, I created a four card heart health check-up spread:

The Four Chambers of the Heart Tarot Spread

I chose four cards from the Röhrig Tarot. The top left-hand card represents how I am giving love to others at this point in time and the top right-hand card shows me how I prefer to receive love.

The lower left-hand card shows me how I can improve the output and the lower right-hand card gives me a clue about improving the input.

Heart Check-Up, Rohrig Tarot

Sample Reading

The Knight of Swords shows me that my heart is analysing itself and how it loves intellectually which is kind of funny since this is exactly what I’m doing with creating this spread. I am perhaps too quick to pass judgement on others and make decisions to love only those who I deem ‘worthy’ of my love. This shows me that I may risk being short on compassion both for self and others at the moment. There are a lot of words and labels for everything concerning love.

The remedy is prescribed by none others than the Major Arcana card The Lovers, which helps me channel the intellectual and analytical approach by the Knight of Swords into constantly making loving choices. I can’t turn my brain off but I can use it in awareness of the fact that I can always choose love.

The Queen of Swords tells me that I want love to be passionate. I can’t do lukewarm. I can’t do half measures. It’s all or nothing in love with this queen. This makes perfect sense to me.

And how do I improve the input? Do I need to be more understanding of the fact that not everyone is as passionate as I am? Nah. The the fiery Leo energies of the 6 of Wands indicate that it is OK to surround myself with more of the same. It also shows me that this passion can be sourced from lots of different places, not just romantic love. The 6’s are tied in with society in numerology. I can get more of this kind of love if I seek out creative, artistic and passionate people in my community.

Enjoy using this spread for checking up on your own ‘heart health’!

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