past lives couple in the 18th century

Past Life Connection Tarot Spread

past lives couple in the 18th century

Today I want to show you a tarot spread that you can use to explore a past life connection with a lover/partner.

This nine card spread can be used for lovers but also for anyone you sense you have a past life connection with. It will help you understand the deeper underlying currents of your relationship as well as give you an understanding of the karmic lesson at hand.

The Past Life Connection spread was created during a brainstorming session with the students in my local tarot study group. The five cards to the left examine a key past life or the most recent past life you shared with the other person. The four cards on the right examine the current situation/karmic lesson. 

9 Card Tarot Spread, Past Life Reading

1. Nature of Past Life Connection: This card gives you clues about the nature of your connection in a key or most recent past life.

2. Spiritual Lesson: This card indicates what the spiritual lesson for this past life was.

3. You: This card gives you clues about who you were and/or how you related to the other person.

4. The Other Person: This card gives you clues about who the other person was and/or how they related to you.

5. How You Did: This card indicates how you did in terms of learning the spiritual lesson of this past life.

6. Current Incarnation Spiritual Lesson: This card represents the spiritual lesson you and the other person have come together to learn in this incarnation.

7. You: How you are currently doing in this incarnation. This card describes your needs, fears, desires etc

8. The Other Person: How the other person is currently doing in this incarnation. This card describes their needs, fears, desires etc

9. Advice: What you can do to progress and bring harmony to the relationship.


Exploring a past life connection and present karmi

1. Nature of Past Life Connection: The Magician – You shared an intellectual connection, perhaps student/teacher and the subject matter would have been some form of healing science.

2. Spiritual Lesson: 6 of Disks (wellbeing) – You came together to explore physical wellbeing from a higher perspective, probably the mind-body connection reading the Magician and the 6 of Disks together.

3. You: Princess of Wands – The Princesses/Pages are students, so the other person might have been your superior. You would have been eager but a bit careless and probably not as respectful as you ought to have been.

4. The Other Person: 10 of Cups (Mars in Pisces) – She was a successful healer and empath.

5. How You Did: 8 of Swords – Self-limiting thoughts got in the way of any real progress. There is a feeling of living in a nation at war. Perhaps your life was cut short.

6. Current Incarnation Spiritual Lesson: The Hierophant – Transmission of spiritual wisdom.

7. You: 7 of Wands – You are standing up for your beliefs.

8. The Other Person: The Tower – Third chakra issues are very much a theme for this person right now.

9. Advice: The Hermit – You need to go within for answers. You won’t get away with blagging it in this incarnation!

A whopping 3 out of 4 cards in the second group of cards are Majors. The lessons may be tough but you will be able to clear a lot of karma and perhaps even wipe the slate clean.

Blessed be!


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  1. Mia C. Coleman aka Consciously Redd

    I really enjoyed this one!

    Here’s what I’ve come up with for my boyfriend (soulmate/twinflame):

    1—Nature of Past Life Connection
    We were lovers, partners, and companions.

    2—Spiritual Lesson for Past Life
    3 of Pentacles
    We were brought together to work together for growth, gain mastery, improve, and develop on this physical plane.

    3—Me: Who I was and How I related to Him.
    The World
    I was fulfilled, complete, and everything he wanted/needed. (Wholeness)

    4—Him: Who was he and How was he related to me.
    3 of Wands
    He was a partner I could count on to assist with the completion of the ultimate goal. We worked together to make things happen.

    5—How We Did in terms of learning spiritual lesson:
    4 of Swords
    Perhaps, attainment of the “ultimate goal” slipped away, as something made us pause our mission. Perhaps someone got ill or died, aborting the mission too soon. I would assume that it was him who took ill, looking at the imagery of my tarot cards. On the lover’s card (center), an angel with a bow and arrow is about to shoot the person on the right (which is where his card lies).

    There is a reoccurring theme of “work” with both the 3 of pentacles and 3 of wands. As well as a theme of “partnership” with both the lover’s card and the 3 of wands. I also see a reoccurring theme of “travel” with both the world card and the 3 of wands. So, I can assume that we were a traveling couple who worked together for some purpose. But in the end, we paused, stopped, or someone took ill or died. And perhaps this form of “travel” is through lifetimes. Looking deeper, I am beginning to believe that our relationship through these lifetimes is to play the vital role in one another’s lives to reach the next level that will perhaps ultimately lead to our ascension.



    6—Current Incarnation Spiritual Lesson… What did we come to learn this incarnation?
    6 of Pentacles
    We came to learn how to use our gifts and talents to help one another and the world. To give of ourselves. Or perhaps… settle our karmic debts.

    7—Me…How am I doing in this carnation? Needs, fears, desires, etc.
    I am on a spiritual quest. I need spirituality and have a strong desire to further my spirituality. I am here to learn and to teach.
    (The irony is: Astrologically, spirituality is a key factor for me in this lifetime. A lot of ninth house. I am also often depicted as the High Priestess in readings.)

    8—Him…How is he doing? Needs, fears, desires, etc.
    10 of Pentacles
    He is here for family OR to reach the the final attainment (10) of some level within all of this, and perhaps, that attainment may be reached through family.

    9—Advice…What can we do to progress and bring harmony to the relationship?
    3 of Swords
    We are here to conquer any pain that comes our way, work through it, grow, and emerge from within the darkness, making us stronger than what we were before.

    Looking at cards 6 and 9, it appears that we are here to settle our karmic debts, conquer any pain that comes our way…deal through these pains, as oppose to reacting in a way that would create more karmic debts, so that we can ultimately ascend.


    Other things I notice:
    Our Past and Current Spiritual Lessons (1 and 6) are both pentacles. The last life was 3, current life is 6, which shows that perhaps we have shown some type of improvement from the last life, but are still working to reach the final goal.

    I also noticed that my role in both the past and present, my cards were major arcana cards—(his weren’t)—which leads me to believe that I have a major responsibility in furthering this mission of ours.

    There are also several 3s in the entire reading.
    The World (21)
    3 of Pentacles
    3 of Wands
    3 of Swords

    With three’s, I’ve learned that we create. Out of the partnership of the number two, comes offspring, births, new plans, creative ventures, etc. Sometimes three signifies death that makes way for new life–(ironically, that is the meaning of his first name). Also, the number 3 is often associated with Jupiter, which I consider a “good luck” planet…so, I like!

    Best tarot spread ever, Lisa!!!!

  2. Ceri

    Thank you very much.
    Interestingly I “saw” this spread inside my inner mind yesterday before falling asleep, though I only saw the positions of the cards, not what they meant at each position. So first of all that tells me this is the right spread to use for this question for me, and secondly I know now what each position means.

  3. Ceri

    So the queen of pentacles would be the courtcard for those being born in the last decan of Sagittarius and the first 2 decans of Capricorn?
    Do you know why this is so? Why the cards have been attributed like this?

    Also, about the “stalking card” – is there a spread you would recommend to see what it is trying to tell me?

      1. Ceri

        Wow! That was such a deep spread, Lisa!
        I am actually stunned, just spent minutes staring down at the cards.

        Well, this is how it looks like. My question was simply what message the Knight of Cups wants me to understand.

        1. main idea: Knight of Wands
        The sentence that flashed instantly through my mind was: “Allow the fire to burn bright!”
        Not sure where this came from, but I guess it is true. I need to allow the sparks of love, passion, creativity, whatever to burn bright, instead of trying to analyse them (and usually rationalise them away).
        Though it also tells me that there is no need and no use to get attached to an idea. If another spark flares up, so be it. No need to settle down just now.
        Probably it also has to do with NOT going with the thoughts – that I usually have- of: “This can never work, so I best not try it.”
        Instead this card tells me that I am supposed to: “Go for it!” whatever “it” might be.

        The card started to come up after coming home of attending to a convention for the TV-series “Vampire Diaries”, and it was something very unusual to do for me, as I was telling myself I am really to old for this stuff.
        But I really really enjoyed doing something out of the ordinary. And I am not too old for this stuff. I am just to cowardish to face the opinion of my family about this. lol
        Same goes for my passion for theatre and art and yes, also Tarot, that has flared up again, all pretty simultaneously. It might also involve me needing to admit at least to myself that I am definitely prone to crushing on someone.

        2. Who is behind this idea? King of Cups
        *gulps* Well, isn´t it somehow fitting, that one of the Cups-court cards appear, since it is the Knight of this suit that is haunting me?

        Maybe it even represents a person? Probably a man?
        Or if not, then what it represents might be the need to open my heart and to follow it.

        3. how to implement this idea into my life?: Nine of cups
        Okay, that is where I thought it is getting pretty creepy or fitting, I don´t know.
        Well, i guess “Seize the day” might be a good idea.
        Just enjoy my life? Can it be as simple as that?
        Or does it mean I need to be careful what i wish for for I just might get it?

        4. possible outcome: Wheel of Fortune
        So I guess whatever the outcome might be, it`s not for me to see right now. It will be unexpected, and probably I am in for a very big change in my life. Seeing that there were two cards out of the suit of cups probably this will relate to the area of the heart.

        5. Challenges: Six of Pentacles
        I need to make sure that there is a healthy balance, and that I am giving just as much as receiving or vice versa?

        What I find most interesting is the suits of card that is missing in the reading: Swords.
        The thing is that often – especially when I am insecure- I tend to act a bit like the Queen of Swords, and just take refuge to the mind instead of following the heart.
        To me this spread tells me clearly that it is time to change this approach.
        Well I`ve tried to do that for quite some time, maybe I have fallen back into old habits lately, and it is time to redirect my course again.

        BTW let me know if I am oversharing here. I tend to do this sometimes, it`s just that it helps me saying it aloud or writing it down to really understand it.

  4. Ceri

    I did this past life spread to gain more clarity, and even though I shuffled all cards through, many of the same cards popped up again like in the other spread! And one card jumped out of the deck while shuffling.

    1. Nature of past lfie connection
    Three of wands:
    a creative connection with much open exchange of thoughts

    2. Spiritual Lesson:
    Hanged man
    ultimatively the connection had to be sacrificed

    3. Me:
    the World
    I was at the end of a cycle, prepared to start a new one probably, or maybe it also indicates that I was very attached to him, he meant “the world” to me so to speak.

    4. Him:
    Knight of Swords
    for him it was not a serious thing; as a matter of fact he might have been charming, but also selfish, lacking a certain warmth and capacity of emotional bonding, and was probably gone sooner than I would have expected

    5. How I did:
    Wheel of fortune
    I guess I didn´t have much of a choice. If the spiritual lesson was indeed about sacrifice and letting go of the connection, it might have felt like a fateful event to me. Maybe I couldn´t see him clearly because I was too much emotionally-spiritually involved.

    6. Current incarnation spiritual lesson:
    Six of cups
    Again this card. Maybe there is a strong emotional bond, and maybe one cause for this is that I might have not been ready for letting go of him in the last incarnation.
    Or the current lesson is in allowing someone coming emotionally close (which has not been easy for me in this life to be honest).

    7. Me:
    King of Pentacles
    Mmmh, difficult. I am not really materialistic. But I try to keep my feet on the ground and not believe in my dreams too much and have too high hopes that might be crushed.
    I guess there is a need or desire for security in me as well. Something real. (instead of words maybe? JUst thinking of the King of Swords being a man of words, but not really reliable, which might have let an impression on my soul)

    8. Him:
    LOL, yes you could say he is a Star (he`s actually a local performer, I seem to constantly cross path with, and a lot of weird stuff, synchronicities and coincidences have happened, which is the reason I asked about him in the first place).

    Anyway, more metaphorically, I guess he is very much the opposite of me, he is not afraid to pursue his dreams.

    9. Advice:
    9 of cups
    So, just make a wish, and be careful what I`m wishing for?
    Maybe it means that everything is or progresses exactly the way it should be, whatever that means.

    Oh and the card that popped out of my deck? the Knight of Cups

    1. Lisa Frideborg Lloyd

      Interesting. Again, I believe you have a pretty good handle on things here. However, charm is not usually an attribute associated with Knight of Swords. That’s not to say he wasn’t – It’s my birthday court card, after all. Haha! 😛
      So he’s a ‘Star’ and both the 6 of Cups and the Knight of Cups wanted to come out to play, huh? Can’t wait to hear the rest!

      1. Ceri

        Yes, you´re right. Charm is not really the Knight of Sword`s forte, and actually the charm of this gentleman is more in his slightly provoking straightforward attitude and humour. He has Sun-Moon-conjunction in Sag on his MC, with mercury also in Sag, squaring Mars-Jupiter-conjunction in Virgo. I can relate to the foot-in-mouth-syndrome though, so I find him rather charming, knowing other people might not really see it like this. lol

        How do I know my birthday court card?

        Oh and yes, the Knight of Cups is the card that has popped up most often since june this year. I don´t really know why. But he`s kind of following me around.

        1. Lisa Frideborg Lloyd

          Hey, you can pull a card to clarify why another card is stalking you – or even create a spread around it!

          The Queens are 2/3’s cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn), picking up the last decan of the sign before to make up the rest.

          In the same way, Knights are 2/3’s fixed and the Kings are 2/3’s mutable.

          Hence, the Knight of Cups is 2/3’s Scorpio and, even though I’m a Capricorn, my birthday court card is the Knight of Swords – 2/3’s Aquarius – since I’m born in the last decan of Capricorn.

          A saggie born in the last decan would be a Queen of Pentacles…

          Clear as mud? 😀

  5. rashmimrathod

    @ayu this is what your cards tell me. I am putting logic and reason away. Not considering any traditional meanings attached to the cards, just writing what I hear. See whether it makes some sense for you
    1 – possessiveness, clinging and insecurity in relation
    2- with the other, develop the talent of understanding and appreciating the deep segnificance and beauty of simple activities in day to day material world
    3- you were related with the other purely due to the cosmic forces and not as a result of your own actions
    4- considering the 3 and 4 together you were linked with the other to bring in afundamental transformation in the life of the other
    5- you trodded the destined path well showing determination and putting in losts of efforts successfully – played your destined role well- however at the end of it while you were looking forward to what next there was also a feeling of sadness / loneliness
    6- you both are again linked together because there is a message coming to you two. message / illumination will come suddenly in the most unexpected manner when you are together
    7 – you are a bright, happy personality and and feel lucky about having the other person in your life. Also wish to share all your simple pleasures in life with the other person
    8- the other person has a feeling of deep love for you and is offering care and emotional happiness to you
    9- advice is to go ahead with confidence you will achieve your goals and get feeling of satisfaction in case you are aiming at something related to the relationship with the other person. In case you already have a settled relationship then it means take time look back and you would realize your achievements and feel happy about it

  6. ayu

    No worries Lisa lol. The thing is, I don’t want to give myself wrong ideas and do the wrong thing! But indeed it has given me food for thought! Thanks x.

  7. Cath

    Thanks again Lisa… another good post. I am fascinated by this and will try it out. All my family are in for it!!! haha. Blessings, Cath xx

  8. ayu

    Hi Lisa

    I felt like you read me lol. Because out of all the spreads recommended in your blog, this is one which I did for myself before the Venus spread which you taught few days ago.

    If I get the following, would you be kind enough to give me some guidance based on what I intepret?

    1 – 4 of pentacles : We were too possessive of each other over many aspects of our life?
    2 – 3 of pentacles : We definitely learn alot from each other along the way?
    3 – Wheel of fortune : Fate definitely linked us together right from the past?
    4 – Death : Our relationship definitely renewed all old, outdated mindset this person has?
    5 – 3 of wands : I definitely learn alot from this relationship to prepare myself for a far more enriching life ahead?
    6 – Knight of wands : We can have fun together??
    7 – 4 of wands : I can possibly form a family with this person?
    8 – Ace of cups : Lovers?
    9 – Page of wands : We shouldn’t be afraid and move forward?

    I find it amazing how the major arcana cards are drawn in similar positions, what we think of each other in the past life. And the Pentacles in our past life versus the Wands in our current life. Also the numbers 3 and 4 are recurring. I have a feeling there are alot of lessons to learn in our next few life together because 3 and 4 are not even close to 10.

    Apologies for long message, any advice from you will be appreciated Lisa!

    X ayu.

    1. Lisa Frideborg Lloyd

      Ayu, I’m sorry. I don’t have time to do an individual interp of a whole spread! I can tell it has given you food for thought and I’m sure the answers will come to you… Blessings, Lisa x

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