the kingdom within tarot spread

The Kingdom Within Tarot Spread

the kingdom within tarot spread

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a Tarot spread to help with the most useful course of action for the next leg on our spiritual journey? I thought so too, so I made one!

Today has been another day full of synchronicities. For our #julydeckbond challenge on Instagram and in the 3 of Cups Tarot Community, I pulled the Kingdom Within All where the lemniscate features at the top of the card. This is a card of transcendence and spiritual enlightenment.

As it happens, I was also scheduled to write about Dagaz – rune of enlightenment today. I really don’t think there are any coincidences here – especially considering my recent Magdalene initiation and the message I received from the Fae about a need to prepare myself for the next big adventure.

I did a three-card reading yesterday but I realised I needed a more ‘fleshed out’ Tarot spread for the bigger picture as well as more precise focus of my energy at this stage.

The 6-card spread you see above is created for Tarot + Angel Oracle, with the 6th position intended for angelic guidance.

The Kingdom Within Tarot Spread – Extended Positional Meanings

1. Future pull of spiritual calling – This is not about a final destination but rather about an upcoming lesson and possibly a clue about where your soul’s calling is leading you next.
2. Current lesson – This is what you are learning now that will help you ascend.
3. Shadow aspect – This is where resistance is found and represents a repressed aspect of self that needs healing before you can move freely in the direction of card 1.
4. Divine restlessness – This is something in your recent past that has made you feel as if there is a need to move on.
5. Best course of action – Read with cards 2 and 3 to understand exactly how taking this action will help you evolve.
6. Further spiritual guidance – A card to cast further light on the previous five cards and show you how to best focus your energy.

Sample Reading

sample reading with the kingdom within tarot and the guardian angel oracle

For my own reading, I’m working with the Kingdom Within Tarot (yes, I named the spread after the deck) and the Guardian Angel Oracle* by Christie Astell. I have been using the Guardian Angel Oracle for my evening meditations over the past few days and absolutely love working with this deck. I leave the card out next to my bed and ask the angel of the card to watch over my dreams that night… It’s been highly illuminating!

1. Future pull of spiritual calling – Expect the unexpected. I feel this has to do with the science of healing and a new paradigm coming through that will smash old limiting thought paradigms. (The Fool)
2. Current lesson – I’m finally learning to expand in the physical realm. My ‘luck’ is changing because of it. I feel more OK with taking risks… (Wheel of Fortune)
3. Shadow aspect – …unless those risks mean having to shut one door to go through a new door. I still struggle with resistance over this and often let indecision paralyse me. There is also some discord between mind and heart. I expect an emotional lag since much growth has been happening rapidly. I will not let this rob me of peace of mind. Forewarned is forearmed. (2 of Swords)
4. Divine restlessness – Issues with authorities have made me realise I had some more growing up to do, emotionally and spiritually.
5. Best course of action – Being clear about what I value most will help me make informed decisions where I don’t feel I’m having to make unreasonable sacrifices. Working with tried and tested methods for this will work best for now but won’t mesh with the Fool energy. At some point, I will have to take a leap and it will probably scare the shit out of me. (The Hierophant)
6. Further spiritual guidance – The Angel of Truth is shining her light on this reading. She looks very peaceful and her focus is a bunch of white flowers. This is a good reminder that the truth is both pure and simple. I have a tendency to overcomplicate things… or rather, my ego has and that is part of the reason I’m stuck in the 2 of Swords space.

I hope you enjoy trying this spread. Feel free to share in the comments below (with positional meanings) and ask specific questions about any card you may be stuck on.

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