archangel prayers and crystal correspondences for the seven chakras

Archangel Prayers & Crystals for the Seven Chakras

Did you know that the Archangels can help with aligning our chakras? To effectively clear any energy blocks, you can use crystals combined with Archangel prayers for each of the chakras. The prayers are meant to be spoken out loud, as the sound vibration of your voice enables further clearing/healing. It is great if you can hold the crystals one by one or place them on your chakras as you do this exercise but you do not need to have all …

The Higher Love Tarot Spread

As we ascend into higher dimensions, the sort of questions we ask of the cards are bound to change. The shift, which has already been in progress for some time now, is already starting to move the questions about love and relationships we ask of the Tarot away from ‘What can I get from this?’ or ‘Will things go my way?’ to ‘How can I make sure that the outcome serves the highest good of all concerned?’