The Mindful Deck Collector's Tarot Spread

The Mindful Deck Collector’s Tarot Spread

The Mindful Deck Collector's Tarot Spread

Reading the Tarot cards for self or others can be considered a spiritual practice… Yet there is precious little spiritual influence affecting how many of us hoard decks rather than mindfully acquire the decks Spirit would have us work with. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with owning several decks; I’m just saying that I have noticed anxiety about overspending both in myself and others, as well as a tendency to acquire decks that we never actually read with and then have to either sell on or give away.

It struck me that a good way to become a more conscious deck collector would be to do a reading on they ‘why’ as well as look at what further advice Spirit might have for us about our deck collecting habits, so I created the Tarot spread you see above and below you will find the reading I did for myself with the digital version of the Frideborg Tarot in Orphalese software.

The Mindful Deck Collector’s Tarot Spread – Sample Reading

sample reading mindful deck collector's tarot spread with frideborg tarot in orphalese

1. My attitude to acquiring Tarot decksThe Devil. Addiction, pure and simple. Ouch… seeing it spelled out is a bit of a wake-up call, though I can’t say I’m surprised to see the Devil here. I have a bit of an addictive personality in general so it makes sense.
2. Main challenge in becoming a more conscious/discerning deck collectorJudgement. I definitely have to become more concerning and conscious about the choices I am making. Judgement calls me to make sure that the choices I make help align me with my calling rather than distract me.
3. An aspect of my habit Spirit/Higher Self would have me transform/be aware of10 of Pentacles. I’m collecting rather selfishly at the moment. I believe the 10 of Pentacles is a heads up to be more conscious of future generations since my collection will become part of my legacy. At the moment, it’s a total mess and I don’t even know how many decks I own.
4. Unconscious influence on my deck collecting habit The Queen of Swords. The opinions of others play a much bigger part than I’d like to admit since I want to see myself as an independent and a free agent. I especially value the opinion of ‘learned females,’ often seen as the ‘cool kids’ in the nerdy Tarot community.
5. Outside influence (the role of ‘enablers’) – Page of Wands. ‘Deck lust’ springs to mind hahahahaha… Oh yes, the enablers never fail to get me… If they’re playing I want in!
6. Pause, decrease or mindfully keep expanding collectionKing of Swords. Removal of some decks, done thoughtfully and with ‘surgical precision’ seems to be what is needed before I consider any more purchases.

I hope you enjoy this spread and find it enlightening.

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  1. Enjoyed! And oh, how I relate! But actually, my hunger for new and “inn” decks stopped a few months ago when I fell in love with one of my first decks, all over again. Re-discovered it! and fell in love all over again. It’s the Osho Zen Tarot❣️

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      Thanks Grete, glad you enjoyed this spread 🙂 The Osho was the first deck anyone gave me and the first deck I owned before I decided to dive deep into the metaphysical teachings connected with the Tarot. I still have it, won’t get rid of it for sentimental values but rarely read with it.

  2. Great spread. I tend to hoard cards, as well. So I will have to sit with one of my favorite decks (so hard to decide some days), and ask the questions. Thank you.

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      Thanks Lynn. I did a poll on this in our Tarot FB group and it turned out most of us are hoarders rather than mindful collectors… Which deck did you end up using? Would love to hear what you learned!

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