The ‘Oh L’Amour!’ Tarot Spread

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Love is in the air… Are you ready to turn your mojo all the way up with a hot and steamy Tarot reading about your latest flirt? The ‘Oh L’Amour!’ Tarot Spread will tell you all you need to know about him and how available he is for a spring fling or perhaps even something a bit more serious… My favourite deck for this type of reading is the Tarot of Sexual Magic by Lo Scarabeo. Any erotic/adult-themed deck will do though!

L – Lovability… What you fancy about him. Is he a good guy?
A – Availability… He’s he hooked on another? Is he emotionally available?
M – Masculinity… How he expresses his masculinity, virility/sexuality.
O – One thing he really loves about you… Or will love about you once he gets to know you 😉
U – Uniqueness… Something about him that is truly unique and gives him the edge.
R – Romantic potential… What this could develop into… a fling, a more serious ‘thing‘…


The Oh L'Amour Tarot Spread

L – 4 of Wands: He sees life and love as something to enjoy and celebrate. Lovability factor 10!
A – 10 of Pentacles: If you know he’s not already hitched, this could mean he’s seriously looking for long-term now, so don’t lead the poor guy on unless you mean business!
M – 7 of Swords: Deception lurks in his past. Has his ego received a near mortal blow? Could you kiss it better? Had the first card been sinister and the image of this card not quite as clear about who is hurting, you might want to read the 7 of Swords in this position as someone who is more of a taker than a giver. However, there is something very vulnerable about the man in the card image here and with non-traditional decks, I tend to put a lot more emphasis on imagery, allowing the imagination to roam.
As for how he expresses his sexuality, I’d say that with the 7 of Swords (Moon in Aquarius), he is a thoughtful lover who prefers a sexual connection with someone he also considers his friend rather than just sex with any hot chick.
O – 7 of Pentacles: Based on the card image, what he loves about you is the fact that you are completely debauched (lol!) and that you like to spend a loooong time enjoying sensual pleasures (to the point of pausing briefly to eat – still in the buff). The traditional meaning is patience and reaping what you sow. In this case, it could mean that he feel he is being rewarded through you.
U – The Emperor: Resonance with the Venus in Aries in the 4 of Wands here. He is not afraid to express his individuality. If there is woundedness in the past, it is something that has equipped him to be a better ruler of self as well as better able to protect others. He’s mature and not a little boy in man’s clothing.
R – 8 of Wands: Well, girlfriend… it’s going down quickly, whatever this is! Hang on tight and enjoy the ride! 😉

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  1. Hi, I did this spread wondering if the guy I work with is available… Seems he likes me but he is not making a move… I’m a beginner, so I would really appreciate Your help with this spread. I used Robin Wood deck and got:

    L: 4 of pentacles – he shows me too little attention, he is not sharing his thoughts and feelings, and this makes me want more of his attention…
    A: Ace of pentacles clarified by Page of Swords – we are work colleagues and he wants just some casual conversations? This is a second time when I do this spread on him. First time I got 10 of cups and the same page of swords in this position… I interpreted it as him already being in relationship and wanting just conversations… How do I put this all together…?
    M: The Sun – active, hot guy… warm, charming… if he wants something, he just tries his luck…
    O: Wheel of Fortune – I’m not boring for him because I’m always changing…
    U: Justice clarified by King of Pentacles – he is married, at least seriously involved with someone?
    R: 7 of swords clarified by 2 of Wands – he will not make any moves, probably because he has someone else… and I will be waiting and waiting for something to happen…

  2. Hi

    I love this spread, i did it concerning someone I have a crush on… and I have a question on what I got for : A – Availability… He’s he hooked on another? Is he emotionally available?

    L: Ace of Wands
    A: Ace of Cups
    M: King of Wands
    O: Four of Cups
    U: Ten of Cups
    R: Knight of Swords

    It looks like a positive reading but in regards of ~Is he hooked to another, or unavailable~…Can I take the Ace of cups as a sign that he is ready to love,open to romance? OR that he is in love already. I clarified it and got the High Priestess. Not sure if she is telling me to go with my gut, or if she can represent another woman. Btw I don’t know if he is in a relationship or not

    Any light on this will be appreciated 🙂


    1. Post

      With the Knight of Swords as the romantic potential, it looks more like friendship than Romance. If you clarify to find out if he is spoken for and the HP pops up, most likely she represents the woman he loves. Blessed be!

  3. Hi Lisa,
    Thanks again for creating such a wonderful and illuminating spread! I had few questions in regards to interpretations. For availability, I drew the two of wands (Mars in Aries) which to me signifies that his availability is most likely limited to ephemerally lived short term passionate affairs? He is Sagittarius sun with a Scorpio conjunction Saturn moon. Could you clarify?
    Another place I got stuck in my reading was relationship potential / outcome where I pulled the four of swords, which wasn’t the card I was most hoping for but on the other hand not the worst either (four of swords equals Jupiter in libra, and my moon is in libra) which signifies to me that our relationship will have a peaceful resolution of harmony but could consequently mean is both lying in our separate tombs not together…do you think that is a sound interpretation?
    My favorite card from the reading was for “O” the one thing – I pulled the Chariot which although is not the most romantic major arcana is still a major arcana card demonstrating that his feelings are strong and somewhat fated. The Chariot represents the sign of Cancer where Jupiter is exalted (the ruling planet of his sun sign), which to me demonstrates a strong feelings of home and belonging…but the Chariot is also about victory and success after trials and overcoming obstacles of will and other challenges. How this configures into how or why he loves me gets me stuck? Perhaps it refers to my loyalty and commitment while he still struggles through his two of wands phase of one night stands? I have no idea honestly! But the four of swords still resonates a harmonious ending whether or not we end up together. Anyway, any insights you can provide would be most appreciated! Many blessings!

    1. Post

      Hi Carole, It looks more like potential for friendship than romance with the 2 of Wands and the 4 of Swords. It’s great that he appreciates your Chariot qualities but they may not be what is looking for in a romantic partner. Blessings

  4. So here’s my spread, I used the Book of Shadows deck~ I’m hoping for some additional insight or alternate interpretations to what I’ve read if possible 🙂

    L: Beltane (The Lovers) – Feeling as if he’s the perfect match for me, I’m wanting him to love me and wanting to be in love myself, he’s a temptation that I can’t resist. Also this may mean that when it comes to love he’s very much in it to find “the one”?

    A: Initiation (Judgement) – He’s either just getting out of a relationship, or getting over a past lover. In the process of re-evaluating himself and his life and starting a fresh slate when it comes to love and relationships.

    M: Imbolc (The Star) – Likes to be in charge, guiding his lovers “to the light” so to speak, he gives his love freely in a relationship and is very expressive to his lover, he believes firmly in trust and being honest.

    O: 6 of Water (Wisdom and Culture) – He’ll like my creative expression of thoughts and feelings, clear communication and playful/childish nature.

    U: Maiden of Fire (Knight of Wands) – He’s full of inspiration, extreme energy and is intense in his passions for adventure and action.

    R: Mother of Fire (Queen of Wands) – Nurturing of relationships, a magnetic attraction and wholehearted involvement within the relationship. Dedication to one another, a very positive and uplifting energy.

    So overall the reading turned out great (from my interpretation at least~ :P) I think I have real potential with this guy!!

  5. Hi 🙂
    So, I got:
    L: Wheel of Fortune
    A: The Devil
    M: The Sun
    O: King of Cups
    U: 2 of Pentacles
    R: Knight of Pentacles
    Could you give me insight on what Devil card means in A(vailability)? Is it that he is obsessed with someone or that he is with someone suffocating, someone who doesn’t want to let him go? I also got Knight of Pentacles in R(omantic potential). So does that mean that we’d be better off as friends/co-workers than lovers? My guess would be that R have nothing in common with O, right? He only loves that I have a big loving heart? A big thanks upfront 🙂

    1. He’s in a co-dependent relationship (A). Knight of P can indicate a commited relationship, especially since he’s a good match for the King of Cups (Earth + Water). Blessings

  6. I did this spread about a friend of mine that I developed a crush on. I got the Knight of Swords as what he likes/will like about me and was like okaaaayyy. But I am really frank and at times brutally blunt, whatever floats his boat lol. I did have a little trouble on the “A availability” portion as I got the 6 of wands reversed. I know he has a girlfriend,but that doesn’t necessarily mean he isn’t emotionally available, he could be about to leave etc. I started to interpret the card for their relationship, that he felt inadequate or “not good enough” for her and it didn’t exactly answer the question at hand and made me go “really? that doesn’t seem like him.” I pulled a 9 of cups reversed as a clarifier and it just confused me even more lol. I did, however, pull a reversed 10 of wands in the M position which kinda made sense to me because he could be acting one way but actually feeling like the reversed 6 of wands behind closed doors and end up in a reversed 9 of cups situation where he drinks a lot…

  7. Ooh, this reading is so perfect for the moment.. spring is indeed in the air and totally ready for a fresh slate! =)

    I’m curious, how you would you interpret Four of Pentacles as Loveability factor? Knight of Swords was the Romantic potential which I would interpret as possibly a little rushed, but not quite developed at the moment (very new person in my life after a long time)

    And what would you say are the traits that a King of Wands embody (as a woman.. and an Aries) in what he appreciates about me?

  8. hi lis lis my sis all is good with you? i am back in france, in nice… finally some sun and relaxed people compared to sthlm…. all good??? ca va??? kisses, sof Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2014 14:53:11 +0000 To:

  9. I got L- 2 of cups A- the sun M- death O- the world U- 8 of swords R 3 of wands
    at first I was shocked by “death” — but then I remembered SCORPIO …!
    the 8 of swords is a bit confusing, except– one of the things I like about him is he meditates and goes to therapy. maybe its about his journey OUT of 8 of wands, and about patience, loving kindness … that he addresses this side of himself and is doing something about it? also feel though, that I should be a little sensitive to this side of him. The sun as his availability sort of shocked me, he’s 6 months out of a 5 year relationship, so maybe the sun indicated he wants something positive and easy, relaxing and just wants to enjoy…

    in all, it seems positive, as long as I can be light hearted/keep it light, and maybe no expectations/expect the unexpected..! fun spread Lisa, thanks!

    1. Thanks for sharing, Susan. Only six months out of a 5 year relationship, the 8 of Swords makes a lot of sense! The Sun could be about a need to assert individuality before moving on to the next one. Blessings

  10. Thank you for another awesome spread! I have a couple questions about what I drew when I tried it. For one thing he love about me I got 8 of Cups . . . Does that means he only likes me when I’m leaving? And for romantic potential I got Knave of Cups, which maybe means this is more a crush (teenage, immature feelings) than the real deal?

    1. The 8 of Cups could be your need to go through rather than ‘around’ things and it could be something he appreciates about you on a more subconscious level as it is Saturn in Pisces. The Knave of Cups could be a ‘crush’… it’s also beginnings… love letters… poetry… The Pages/Knaves are all messengers.

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