The ‘Oh L’Amour!’ Tarot Spread

sexy couple

Love is in the air… Are you ready to turn your mojo all the way up with a hot and steamy Tarot reading about your latest flirt? The ‘Oh L’Amour!’ Tarot Spread will tell you all you need to know about him and how available he is for a spring fling or perhaps even something a bit more serious… My favourite deck for this type of reading is the Tarot of Sexual Magic by Lo Scarabeo. Any erotic/adult-themed deck will do though!

L – Lovability… What you fancy about him. Is he a good guy?
A – Availability… He’s he hooked on another? Is he emotionally available?
M – Masculinity… How he expresses his masculinity, virility/sexuality.
O – One thing he really loves about you… Or will love about you once he gets to know you 😉
U – Uniqueness… Something about him that is truly unique and gives him the edge.
R – Romantic potential… What this could develop into… a fling, a more serious ‘thing‘…


The Oh L'Amour Tarot Spread

L – 4 of Wands: He sees life and love as something to enjoy and celebrate. Lovability factor 10!
A – 10 of Pentacles: If you know he’s not already hitched, this could mean he’s seriously looking for long-term now, so don’t lead the poor guy on unless you mean business!
M – 7 of Swords: Deception lurks in his past. Has his ego received a near mortal blow? Could you kiss it better? Had the first card been sinister and the image of this card not quite as clear about who is hurting, you might want to read the 7 of Swords in this position as someone who is more of a taker than a giver. However, there is something very vulnerable about the man in the card image here and with non-traditional decks, I tend to put a lot more emphasis on imagery, allowing the imagination to roam.
As for how he expresses his sexuality, I’d say that with the 7 of Swords (Moon in Aquarius), he is a thoughtful lover who prefers a sexual connection with someone he also considers his friend rather than just sex with any hot chick.
O – 7 of Pentacles: Based on the card image, what he loves about you is the fact that you are completely debauched (lol!) and that you like to spend a loooong time enjoying sensual pleasures (to the point of pausing briefly to eat – still in the buff). The traditional meaning is patience and reaping what you sow. In this case, it could mean that he feel he is being rewarded through you.
U – The Emperor: Resonance with the Venus in Aries in the 4 of Wands here. He is not afraid to express his individuality. If there is woundedness in the past, it is something that has equipped him to be a better ruler of self as well as better able to protect others. He’s mature and not a little boy in man’s clothing.
R – 8 of Wands: Well, girlfriend… it’s going down quickly, whatever this is! Hang on tight and enjoy the ride! 😉

Blessed be!