The Post-truth Tarot Spread


You may have heard of post-truth politics. For me, ‘post-truth’ is the word of 2016. This is the year we all had our eyes opened to just how much misinformation there is out there. The runner-up to the word of the year award is ‘echo chamber.’ For a definition of this word look no further than your own Facebook feed – it is literally an echo chamber. The parameters are set to show you only what FB thinks is currently tickling your fancy. Of course, we often give this echo chamber a boost by unfollowing, blocking or deleting anyone who might have an opinion that differs from ours.



  • Relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief

So how did we get to this sorry state of affairs? Did media drag us here kicking and screaming? Not likely. Ever since the baby boomers, each generation has carefully cultivated a sense of entitlement, coupled with a near total lack of accountability – if there ever were a recipe for the disaster, it would be this. And yes, we have all been willing accomplices, fellow sheeple.  Because we’re worth it.

Because we’re worth it, we have created a spirituality (I use the term loosely) without any moral moorings. Because we’re worth it, we have a spirituality that drip-feeds us tips on how to increase our abundance and satisfy every whim and desire. Please understand this: there is nothing spiritual bending the energy of the Universe to the will of the ego for personal gain. I’m not saying we shouldn’t do it but I’m saying ‘Don’t delude yourself that you are being spiritual when you engage in New Age, Law of Attraction type stuff.’ Spirituality (the real kind) demands that we set aside our ego so that we may be filled by the Holy Spirit. This spirit will show us how to feed the starving and lift up the downtrodden.

So what can we do about this problem? How can we get closer to factual and objective truth again and step outside our own private echo chambers?

There are some obvious answers. First of all, we need to make sure that we welcome news and information into our lives that doesn’t ‘resonate.’ The word ‘resonate’ in our New Age, post-truth world, is often used to mean makes our little self (aka the ego) feel better. Secondly, we would all do well to spend less time browsing social media feeds since this just serves to reinforce our echo chamber. Thirdly, we need to use our discernment to find reliable news sources and finally, we all need to get back to reading more books – especially the classics.

Oh, and intuitive-sensitives aren’t exempt! We can only use our sensitivity as an excuse to check out for so long. We need to do the healing & shadowwork so that we can get on with doing what we’re here to do, i.e. be of service (comparing crystal collections on IG doesn’t count!). We are needed out in the real world. Our shoulders need to be wet with the tears of those in need. In the end, no matter what your story is, you are not your story and that story is only yours so that it will serve as inspiration for someone with a similar challenge to overcome.

And if we use the Tarot the way it is intended, i.e. to reflect back everything hidden beneath  the surface – including anything less than savoury – we can also add our trusty deck of cards to our truth arsenal.

It’s the Full Moon in Gemini today (though possibly not at the time of you reading this), so I’m creating this Tarot spread at an optimal time for looking at the power of words and how to engage with the world around us with greater discernment. I hope it serves you well.

The Post-Truth Tarot Spread


  1. My current state of delusion/entitlement
  2. How is a lack of accountability affecting my life?
  3. What is the greatest challenge in being 100% truthful?
  4. What does my echo chamber look like?
  5. How can I transcend post-truth reality and get closer to factual truth?
  6. What would my reality look like if I weren’t deluded?
  7. How can I best help others see the truth?
  8. BONUS: How can I best harness the power of the Gemini Full/New Moon for more truth and integrity? (skip this position if it’s not the right time to read on this)

Sample Reading


  1. Current state of delusion/entitlement. The Star. Lofty ideals can sometimes see me out of touch of the emotional truth of both myself and other people.
  2. How is a lack of accountability affecting my life? 7 of Pentacles. I keep sowing things but there is no damned harvest because I jump straight to the next field to start the sowing phase all over again.
  3. Greatest challenge in being 100% truthful. Knight of Cups. Thinks ‘resonating’ emotionally for the ego.
  4. Echo chamber. 8 of Pentacles. My echo chamber is very much orientated toward what I feel would be useful in terms of work. There is not much innovation going on there – it’s all more of the same being recycled. I need to get out more!
  5. How to transcend post-truth reality. Strength. With a lot of heart, courage and compassion for the sorry state we are all in.
  6. What would my reality look like if I weren’t deluded? Queen of Swords. This is making me smile. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect card here! Marie Curie is looking up at us from over the top of her microscope. Her gaze is steady. She doesn’t know all (if she did, she wouldn’t have died from radioactive poisoning) but when she does speak, she only speaks of things she does know – none of it is fantasy!
  7. How can I best help others see the truth? 2 of Wands. By not being afraid to position myself as the opposition. This is how we grow. If nobody had challenged my beliefs about eating meat, I’d still be eating it!
  8. The bonus card I pulled for the 2016 Gemini Full Moon is none other than the Gemini King of Swords!

frideborg tarot king of swords

God offers to every mind its choice between truth and repose. Take which you please — you can never have both.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson


Blessed Be!

Lisa Frideborg