The Taurus New Moon Transformation Tarot Spread

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New Moon Transformation Tarot Spread

Congratulations to all of you who have decided which spell to cast on tomorrow’s New Moon in Taurus! You already know this is a mega opportunity to create change and set the wheels of manifestation in motion and you know which area to focus on for this purpose.

Not all of us are so lucky. Partly thanks to all the retrogrades, the energy has been scattered for many of us this week. This is why I created a Tarot Dowsing spread which may help you narrow the focus for the main areas concerned:

  1. Health
  2. Abundance
  3. Romance

This New Moon is auspicious for all three but you will do best if you can focus all your manifestation mojo into just one specific spell.

Look at the simple spread layout above and allow yourself to feel enchanted and curious about the possibilities for tomorrow’s lunation. Clear your mind and focus the energy on your heart from where any spell must emanate, especially on a day that is completely dominated by Venus/Archangel Anael.

For each of the three butterflies of transformation, pull one card for health, one for financial prosperity and one for romance. Don’t turn them over quite yet.

Now get your pendulum out or make one if you don’t have one. If you are not sure how to dowse, please use this guide.

Ask your Guardian Angel, God or Spirit Guide which area to focus on and then dowse over each of the cards for a positive/yes/affirmative. Two of the cards will give a negative (no) and only one card will give a positive (yes). Turn the positive card over and read it for more information about how to create your spell. Feel free to ask in the comments below if you find the card’s message confusing.

You may also wish to turn the other two cards over for a reading on how things are likely to progress there in the time between the New and the Full Moon.

This spread can be used any time you feel you wish to cast a spell but are not sure which type of spell to use.

Blessed Be )O(

Lisa Frideborg


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  1. Hello Lisa! You are always here for who’s in need The card that the pendulum said “yes” is”Queen of Winter” – used Fairy Tarot cards. I’m not sure about the message for the spell… Thank you!

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