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The Top 3 Things That Are Keeping You from Your Life Purpose (with Tarot Spread)

There is so much happening in your life, so many demands on your time, so much noise… In the distance, you can see the beacon from the lighthouse casting a beam of light across the waves at night. It happens late at night when you are alone with your thoughts… less on your mind to distract you… and it reminds you that the ocean you dream to sail is still out there. One day.

Others have already set sail and one day you will too… But first you have to take that class or lose 10 pounds… or make sure you get a promotion so that you can afford a new car… or wait until your youngest child is five years old… or pay off your mortgage… or become at least as good as that person you like to compare yourself to…  the excuses are endless.

They are not bad excuses. Your ego is intelligent enough to make sure they make sense. But excuses is all they are.

And they remind me of my best friend’s mum and dad. They had been planning for their retirement pretty much since their wedding day. Their dream was to travel the world together. Two years before my friend’s dad was due to finally retire and embark on the dream journey around the world with his beloved wife, he died in a head on collision caused by a drunk driver.

Do still want to listen more to your excuses than to your dreams, hoping to ‘one day’ make them come true…?

It’s All About Being

Your soul’s calling to follow your heart is not so much about doing as it is about being. It’s about allowing the fullness of your soul to shine through… It’s about dropping anything that is preventing you from being 100% you.

You are unique and the World needs your gifts and talents NOW. The blueprint for your life purpose was activated at birth. On some level, you have always known what you came here to do…

Let’s take a look at the top three things that may be keeping you from living your life confidently and in full alignment with your soul’s calling today.

1. Striving

You have a deep-rooted believe that your life purpose is connected with honing a special talent to a point of excellence or being number one in your field. Anything less makes you feel like you are failing at you your mission. Or you have a work ethic that makes you feel that you only deserve praise and recognition if you perform well. You feel that you lack qualifications and that if you take just one more course you may feel ready to embark on living your purpose-filled life. You can’t see the signs that are guiding you and when you do see them you discount them as ‘chance.’ You are not receptive to inner guidance because you trust praise and validation from other people more than you trust the voice of God.

2. Comparing yourself to others

Someone else is already doing what you thought you wanted to do so why bother? You’ll never be as good as them anyway. Perhaps your ego is needling you with feelings of jealousy and envy. Beware! These feelings are steadily increasing your sense of separation and pulling you out of alignment with your soul’s calling. They also create a dark cloud around you which will repel anyone sensitive to energy. The dark energy of jealousy and envy plugs the ear chakras and your third eye so that you cannot receive any divine guidance about your soul’s mission. It is important to clear this energy now. Call on Archangel Michael to cut cords that you may have formed with those you are jealous of. Visualise him vacuuming up the dark brownish-green cloud of envy. Pray to God for help with full alignment once this is done and vow to heed your inner guidance.

3. Thinking you have to earn a living through your life purpose

Your life purpose can sometimes be connected with what you do for a living to pay your bills but it doesn’t have to be. Think of it this way. Your life purpose connects you to that which puts you in a state of flow, i.e. makes you feel as if you are outside time-space constrictions because you are channelling pure Source energy. Think back to your earliest instance of feeling this way. How old were you? What were you doing? Did you worry about receiving payment for it?

Chances are your answer to the final question was ‘No.’ As you can see, there are no excuses for not following your calling today. If you are meant to do this for a living, you will find a way and if you are meant to go self-employed doing it, you will study up on biz and marketing. Simples. You can do all that while being fully aligned and living your purpose every single day.

Your soul’s calling as a Lightworker means that wherever you shine your light, you fulfil your mission. How can you brighten someone’s day today?


lighthouse life purpose tarot spread
  1. How well aligned you are right now with your life purpose
  2. Main challenge to overcome.
  3. Are you striving instead of being?
  4. Are you comparing yourself to others?
  5. Do you feel you have to make money from your life purpose for it to count?
  6. Lighthouse – How you work your light by being 100% true to yourself
  7. Action advice – How best to serve

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