There is a Ghost in Our TV

tarot reading about ghost in our tv

Tuesday (Archangel Camael/The Tower)

Numerology of the date 26/1/2016 = 9

Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Virgo

Today I’m working with the Mythic Oracle (spiritual theme/lesson)and the Frideborg Tarot (Don’t/left & Do/right).

Dear Empath Friends,

Sorry about the weird title for today’s spiritual guidance but last night, my husband and I had a ‘visitation.’ It was the third time this happened and I have pulled a few cards on this that I will share in the Frideborg Facebook Tarot group later on today. Basically, our bedroom TV (not hooked up to the Internet) turned itself on and off. This is the third time it has happened. The screen goes a murky red and then there are white symbols blinking for a while in the lower left-hand corner, before the TV turns itself off.

It didn’t excite me enough at the time to get up and examine the white blinking symbols closer but I will next time because I realise now that somebody may be trying to communicate. I can’t remember exactly when it first happened but I believe it was a few months ago. Once it happened in the middle of the night (3 AM-is) and last night it happened as I was drifting off to sleep around 11.30 PM. I would love to hear from any of you with similar experiences. Feel free to email me if you do not wish to comment below.

Today we have Pontus from the Mythic Oracle as the main spiritual theme/lesson of the day and I feel it ties in with what happened last night in some way, because we are definitely dealing with the unknown here.

We are all moving forward into new territory as the awareness of our multi-dimensionality grows. The message from the Empress is to not get too creative right now, as well as to not ‘give birth’ prematurely. Tried and tested methods (The Hierophant) is what will yield the right results and help us to safely bring this new energy into the world so that it brings the maximum benefits for All. Either way it is coming – we just need to make sure it arrives in the right way.

What we have now is a polarised world of people who are considered ‘woo’ (occasionally spotted riding unicorns to work) and people who are considered ‘realistic’ (ridicule those who have actually met unicorns). This new, unknown energy that is being born through you and me in a multitude of individual ways, is the energy that will bring the two together in some way. It brings in a new way for us HSP’s to move and thus be perceived in the world, I feel.

You are in the process of giving birth to something the world has never seen before. Cut through the chaos by sticking to a routine and researching safe methods which will allow you to integrate this new thing into the fabric of society.

I also feel that The Hierophant here is a reminder that…

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”
~ Edgar Degas

And you can only make them see something that makes sense if you work with their thought paradigm, even if what you desire is to really push the boundaries and bring something never seen into being.

Work with turquoise for clarity of communication as you learn the necessary skills to safely ‘give birth.’ Choose chrysocolla for the beauty of the Goddess to be made visible and relatable in the world through you if what you are giving birth to is some form of art.

Go forth and shine!



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