through your lover's eyes tarot spread

Through Your Lover’s Eyes Tarot

through your lover's eyes tarot spread

Do you ever wonder how your partner or lover sees you? Does s/he perceive the same strengths and weaknesses that you yourself are aware of or does s/he see things differently? Does your lover know the real you?

The Johari Window is a cognitive psychology tool which is aimed at helping you understand your relationship with self and others. It is through randomly remembering this tool from my psychology studies and thoughts surrounding what’s known to my partner about me that’s not known to self that inspired the little Tarot spread, Through Your Lover’s Eyes, below.


We all have ‘blind spots’ and this is one of the reasons that it is so useful to be in a close intimate relationship – the other person acts as a mirror and helps us grow. Now, I’m not saying ‘Use the Tarot instead of asking your partner these questions directly’ but for a bit of fun, why not pull the cards first and then ask? It could be a fun experiment!

Through Your Lover's Eyes - 2 Card Tarot Spread


Strength: 8 of Wands (Mercury in Sagittarius) – Clarity of vision and speed of communication.

Weakness: 8 of Cups (Saturn in Pisces) – Holding oneself back from reaching one’s full potential out of fear

Both of these Minor Arcana Cards relate to the VIII Strength card numerologically, which is interesting. This could be an emphasis that this person looks at their beloved as very strong in their area of strength and very weak in their area of weakness…

It’s not easy to see what is hidden from view (even with the Tarot!) and asking your partner about perceived weakness can be like asking for trouble… so unless you’re both up for a challenge, let sleeping dogs lie. Ideally, neither of you should feel like you’re walking on eggshells and no topic of conversation should be off-bounds…

If you do feel that you are afraid to ask your partner how they perceive your weaknesses and suspect they might use this kind of conversation as ammunition against you, you could be in a toxic relationship. CLICK HERE to find out if that is the case.

Love and Blessings,


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  1. Hi, Lisa!
    There are also a spread tarot layout based on the Johari Window. I think I saw that in a book written by Hajo Banzhaf, The Crowley Tarot. He called that: The Blind Spot. Very usefull, indeed.
    Hugs from Ana

      1. Lisa, the book has a long chapter explaining the differences between Thoth and RW, history, origins of the tarot, many different spreads, a few examples and page for each of the cards with the symbolic images meaning.
        For interpretation there are keywords for the work area, the relashionship area, advices and so on. The name of the book is Keywords of the Tarot Thoth.
        It is very simple (just keywords) and I think it’s a good initial guide, but if you’re someone like me who likes to delve into meaning of each arcane (I am always searching for substancial (and pratical) meanings for the thoth cards), I suggest a little book that comes with the Tarot of Vampyres deck by Ian Daniels.
        If you like mythology, great. I do. But you can always skip that lore and read only the part related to the meaning of each Card. This little book (Phantasmagoria, is the name of the book) is really good. With only one catch: the Court Cards are difficult to fit in reading positions (but generally it happens with every court card, isn’t it?) Love

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