Intuitive Two Choices Tarot Spread

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Got a ‘two choices’ type question? This intuitive layout is the Two Choices Tarot spread I use for tuning in and choosing the path that best aligns me with Higher Will. This post is best read after this general post about reading intuitively but feel free to continue reading if you are already used to reading the cards intuitively and without set positional meanings. Basically, you read this in three groups of three cards. The first three cards tell a story about …

Romancing Myself – A Self-Love Tarot Spread

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The inspiration for this spread comes from the Victorian Romantic Tarot deck itself as well as from working myself through the 6 week ‘May Cause Miracles’ course which has self-love as the theme this week. It was the two Lovers cards which gave me the idea for creating a visually appealing and telling spread around one of them (central card in spread above). The idea is that me and my animus (male in the Lovers card) move away from a …

Compatibility Checklist

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“Sorry to hear about your recent break-up… It may not happen any time soon but you will love again. Love is one of the main reasons to visit this planet at all.”

I bumped into a friend in town yesterday and we ended up having coffee together. As we caught up with each other, it dawned on me just how much I was ready to level up in terms of relationships…