a tarot spread to rekindle love

Top 5 Ways to Rekindle Love – Tarot Spread

top 5 ways to rekindle love - a tarot spread

How’s your love life? We all agree that relationships take work. I believe those of us passed the falling-in-love stage of the relationship often long for an infusion of romance. None of us expects a Hallmark card to do the trick. So what can we do to rekindle love in our most intimate relationship?

I created a simple 5-card Tarot spread to help with that! The 5 Ways to Rekindle Love Tarot Spread can help you figure out how to bring romance and emotional intimacy back into the relationship. Doing this relationship Tarot spread will inspire you to focus more on romance again. (Remember, where attention goes, energy flows). It will also provide you with helpful practical ideas. Naturally, using the Tarot spread together with your partner works even better!

5 Ways to Rekindle Love Tarot Spread

5 ways to rekindle love tarot spread

Something you both enjoy doing

1. The first card gives you ideas about something you both enjoy doing. This is something that you could make a regular daily or weekly focal point for connecting on a more intimate level than asking each other ‘What’s for tea?’ or ‘Did you lock the back door?’.  Once you’ve brainstormed over the card image/message, make a point of pencilling it in. This first step takes commitment.

Something you both enjoy talking about

2. Card number two gives you food for thought about a topic you could bond over. This is something to discuss that will infuse the relationship with passion. This will be something that touches you both deeply right now.

Try something NEW!

3. The third card suggests a new activity or hobby that you could try together. Shaking things up by introducing a new activity is a great way of preventing stale relationship energy and boredom.

Spice things up!

4. In the fourth position we find a card that will help you think of new ways of deepening the sensual, physically intimate side of the relationship.

Secret desires

5. Card 5 (or 5 and 6) if you are doing this with your partner, shows you something that your beloved secretly desires. Use your intuition and knowledge of your partner together with the clues provided in the card to figure out how you could please your partner. Allow for new thoughts and ideas to surface as you guess what he or she might secretly be wishing for.

If you do this reading together, try to guess the secret desire of your partner before pulling the card!

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