Learn 7 quick and easy ways to boost your intuition

Top 7 Ways to Boost Your Intuition

Learn 7 quick and easy ways to boost your intuition

We are all inherently intuitive beings, although some are more naturally gifted than others when it comes to tuning in. Unfortunately, children, who are usually the most intuitive of all, are often discouraged from trusting their intuitive hunches from a very early age. They are told the things they see and experience are nonsense and quickly learn to shut down. So can you recapture your childhood gift and learn how to become more intuitive? Sure you can! Try these top 7 ways to boost your intuition!

Top 7 Ways to Boost Your Intuition

1. Learn to relax and clear your mind

Any form of guided relaxation or meditation will help with this, such as a simple sitting meditation where you focus on the breath. Or if you want to keep it really simple (although this may take a bit of practice), simply count down from 10 to 1, breathing slowly and rhythmically, relaxing more deeply with each number. Any healthy, non-drug-induced form of altering your state of consciousness this way frees up your mind to receive clear flashes of insight.

2. Strengthen your other five senses

Really paying attention and focusing on your senses sensitises you in general, which in turn makes it easier for you to receive intuitive messages. One method is to focus intensely on just one sense for 3-5 days. You might be surprised you will start to notice that previously passed you by. Observe and commit to memory. As you do so, ‘sensory memory hooks’ will begin to form in your brain and it is these hooks that catch the intuitive insights you receive.

3. Keep a dream journal

Set the intent to remember as many and as many of your dreams as possible before you go to sleep at night. When you first wake up in the morning, lie quietly for a minute with your eyes shut and practice dream recall. Your ability to remember will grow if you stick with this practice faithfully. When you have finished recalling your dream in your mind’s eye, reach for your dream journal and write it all down, without worrying about possible meaning.

4. Study archetypes and symbology

You probably knew this was coming but one of the most effective ways of doing this is, of course, to learn to read the Tarot. Conversely, if you do learn to read the Tarot, you can’t help but become more intuitive. The reason for this is that archetypes connect us with the universal consciousness, which is what we tap when we need to access hidden information, such as what lies ahead or how someone feels about us.

5. Guessing games

Before checking your screen when your mobile rings, try guessing who it is. Keep track of how many you get right so that you can tell if you are getting better. Observe people with an open mind and see how well you can read them. One of my favourite people-watching games is tied in with my knowledge of Numerology but I mention this only as an example because there are many ‘hooks’ you can use… Astrology, Enneagram or Myers-Briggs types etc. And why not try a guessing game with your Tarot or Oracle cards? Deal one, randomly, and place it face down. Place your hands over it and see what information flows to you. Write it down. Turn the card over and notice how your intuitive guidance matches up with the card. You will probably have some interesting results with this game, and as a bonus, it also serves to deepen your bond with the cards.

6. Be creative

Did you use to love to draw and doodle as a kid? Perhaps you like to colour in? Did you stop because you felt you weren’t any good at drawing (throwaway comment by a family member perhaps). Or perhaps you stopped colouring because you felt that it was too childish? Get your pens, crayons brushes, sketch pads and colouring books out and just do it anyway, without judgement, for the sheer joy of doing it. Never mind if it feels a bit awkward at first… persevere until you recapture the state of flow you experienced on a daily basis as a child. Maybe you’re more of a poet or dancer? That’s fine too! Any creative pursuits hook you up to the same channel that you access during intuitive reading or healing work.

7. Body feedback

Really get to know your own body. Become it’s best friend. Don’t just judge it… ‘Oh crap, I’ve got another headache’ is not helpful. Instead, be curious about what your body’s message is for you and why your head is hurting. Stop what you are doing. That is always going to be the first message when something is out of whack. Slow your breathing down and tune into the part of your body that his hurting. Truly listen. Ask it what it needs and listen some more. Then give it what it needs. It may be some improvised slow stretches. It may need to be out in the fresh air and sunshine… or maybe it needs hydration… This last tip is probably the most powerful of them all because the feedback is so immediate. Successful, intuitive tuning in is instantly rewarded with a sense of well-being (or at least feeling better).

Do you have any other favourite ways of honing your intuitive skills? Let me know in the comments and give this post a share if you feel it was helpful!

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  1. Thanks Lisa,
    I have always been close to nature and watched animals and how they behave. This has sharpend my observation and intuition! The hidden nature of people and their intentions are revealed to you.
    Being silent in the mind ,that’s the key 🙂

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