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Top Five Stalker Tarot Card Tips

Top 5 Stalker Tarot Card Tips
When the subconscious mind has a cunning plan to get the message through… 

In Tarot terms, a ‘stalker’ card is a card that shows up as your daily draw multiple times or keeps popping up repeatedly in the readings you do – both for yourself and others (often, what we need to know for ourselves comes out in readings for others). They leave us scratching our heads as we often fail to see how they relate to our lives, which (of course) is the reason they keep popping up – We simply aren’t getting the message. So is there a way of actually getting the message, once we realise we are being stalked? I’m glad you asked! Here are my top five stalker Tarot card tips to sort you out!

Check Your Shadow Card!

1. The instant you realise you are being stalked, look at the bottom of your deck for the shadow card for insights about what area of your life this relates to on a subconscious level. Make a note of the card you spotted there and be mindful of it. It may or may not make sense right away but it instantly puts your stalker card in some kind of context which may help you relate it to your life and/or past events.


2. Mediate with your stalker card. This is perhaps the most important step. If you are new to meditation, keep it simple. Sit with your back straight, relaxing your shoulders, feet on the ground. Take a few deep breaths to relax further, while looking at the card. Then close your eyes and step inside the card. Explore it in as great detail as you can and converse with any beings you meet there. Ask any question that arises. Don’t be put off by silence. Communicating this way may take a while yet to develop. The silence is still better than not doing the meditation at all because your question has created a vacuum for your subconscious mind to fill and we all know that Nature abhors a vacuum. The answer will come. It may come later the same day or in your dream while you sleep. Or even quite unexpectedly while you are doing something seemingly unrelated a couple of weeks down the line. Simply let go of any attachment of how your answer will arrive.

Journal It!

3. Keep a journal. You should be doing this anyway, of course, but keeping track of your daily draw in conjunction with what is happening in your life will make it easier to make sense of the repetitions.

Do Dreamwork!

4. Do dreamwork. Focused dreamwork is one of the most effective ways to unleash the power of the subconscious mind for healing and clarity. It takes concentrated effort and discipline but it is so worth it. Spend a few minutes in meditation with your card, just before you drift off to sleep and set the intent to invoke a meaningful dream about what this card wishes to teach you. As soon as you wake up, simply lie still (eyes still closed), and recall as much as you can of your dream(s) before you record them in your journal or voice recording device. This is a process that may be short in some cases but other times, you will need to keep working through a good few nights until you feel you are done. I honestly cannot recommend this method highly enough – some of my most profound personal insights this way. It is possible that you are more suited to working this way if you are a Water sign or your Moon is in a Water Sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces).

Read on It!

5. Do a Tarot reading. A while back, I created a Tarot spread to help make sense of the stalker card. You can find HERE and one HERE.

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