a stalker card tarot spread

Why Are You Stalking Me? – A Stalker Card Tarot Spread

why are you stalking me - a stalker card tarot spread

This morning, I wanted to do a stalker card reading but the spread I created for this purpose a few years ago didn’t feel like the perfect fit, so I decided to go ahead and create a new Stalker Card Tarot Spread.

What Is a Stalker Card?

Perhaps you are new to the Tarot and not familiar with the expression ‘stalker card’ – A stalker card is a card that keeps showing up in multiple consecutive readings. 

For instance, the reason I decided to go ahead and create this Tarot spread today is that I got The Hanged Man as my card of the day three days in a row, so I was starting to feel seriously stalked by this archetype. 

Don’t worry if this hasn’t happened to you yet… It will!!

When it does, I recommend checking out the post titled Top Five Stalker Card Tips.

A ‘Why Are You Stalking Me?’ Sample Tarot Reading

For the reading below, I first located the card that is currently stalking me, i.e. The Hanged Man and placed it in card position number 1.

why are you stalking me stalker card sample tarot reading
Starman Tarot and Archangels Inspirational Cards
  1. Your Stalker CardThe Hanged Man (indicating that a new perspective/surrender is needed)
  2. Why this lesson is on repeat9 of Cups: I don’t feel worthy of enjoying life fully. The lesson is on repeat so that I can find a more joyful way of navigating life.
  3. Your blind spot about your own role in thisThe Moon: Emotional avoidance, not diving deep enough into the shadows to find out why I’m feeling this way.
  4. Strength to draw on to resolve the lesson/issueThe Devil: A natural affinity with all mundane matters thanks to my Capricorn Sun, Venus and Mercury. Learn to connect more strongly to the Earth Element. It’s why I’m here this time around. Yes, Capricorn energy makes me work hard, but I can also learn to enjoy life with abandon in this archetypal space.
  5. Weakness to overcome 10 of Cups: Feeling that everyone else’s happiness matters more than mine. Having poor boundaries.
  6. Likely outcomePage of Cups: A return to innocence and childlike enjoyment of life.
  7. Angelic/Higher Self Guidance (you can use an oracle card here) – Adabiel: Simply choose the path that will give you the most pleasure. 

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