What It Means to Forgive an Ex

Forgiving Your Ex

Thursday (Archangel Sachiel)

Numerology of the date 4/2/2016 = 6

Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Sagittarius

Today I’m working with the Frideborg Tarot and the Higher Intuitions Oracle

Dear Empaths and HSPs,

Have you noticed that there is a lot of Plutonian stuff going down in the area of love and relationships at the moment?

It’s not so odd, considering Mars (old ruler of Scorpio) currently being in Scorpio, the sign of intense passion and vengeance.

When you notice friends and acquaintances (or even your own ex) acting in a vengeful, bitter, or resentful manner toward ex’s, it is because this energy is literally ‘in the air’ and the person who is venting is still feeling the sting of betrayal.

Forgiveness is a process. It takes time sometimes and that is OK. We don’t need to rush to get there… but we do need to get there in the end and we need to understand what it truly means to forgive an ex, especially when we still feel betrayed by them.

It’s all well and good to have an intellectual knowledge of what it means and that we forgive someone, not to let them off the hook but to free ourselves. What truly needs to happen is that we need to reopen the eyes of the heart so that we can see the beauty of their soul again. Why? Because once we do, we are free to return to innocence completely.

Swan from the Higher Intuitions Oracle brings us this message of beauty and it combines perfectly with The Empress (Venus/Archangel Anael) in the ‘Do’ position. Many Empress Tarot cards have swan symbology. Swan is a sign of purity and fidelity in love, as well as a symbol of grace and beauty – all concepts associated with the Goddess of Love.

Why do we need to bring this energy back for someone we have had to let go of? Perhaps even someone who dumped us in the cruelest and most ungracious way? Being able to see the beauty of the other person’s soul – the part of them we fell in love with – brings us back to the beauty and innocence of our own soul.

Let’s put this in contrast with The Star energy in the ‘Don’t’ position. Everybody loves The Star and some would not be able to think of a negative meaning for this card that is often referred to as ‘The Wish Card.’ However, here we focus on the cold detachment that is also found in the spectrum of meanings for the Star (Aquarius). To detach completely and cut the ex free in our mind is not enough, even if we manage to remain friends. Friendship is another concept associated with The Star/Aquarius.

If the eyes of our hearts are shut to the beauty of their soul, we have still not forgiven them properly.

I’m not saying that we should give our ex’s preferential treatment, our Guardian Angels want us to view everyone with the eyes of our heart; they want us to see the soul of the other, no matter who they are. The toughest test for if we are able to do this often comes in the form of an ex-lover…

Go forth and shine!


Lisa Frideborg

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  1. Very nice and truthful words for my soul. I am actually going through such time not only with ex but my step son too. Thank you again, I am going to keep this and reflect more.

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