Your Plutonian Self Tarot Spread

your plutonian self tarot spread

We are moving deep into the realms of Pluto and Archangel Azrael as we approach the Scorpio New Moon next week. For this time of year, it is wise to reflect on images like the one above as shadow aspects of the Self. And the question of most concern in the month of Scorpio or during a Pluto transit is… can you truly love that part of yourself? Can you accept and embrace it in order to heal and transform it? I created the Plutonian Self Tarot Spread to help you do just that.

Pluto, Scorpio and the 8th House are associated with massive amounts of power. Why? Because when we own the parts of ourselves that have been repressed (i.e. deemed ‘unacceptable’) we free up huge amounts of blocked energy – energy that really should be available to us at all times… and that was available to us until the process of repression, sanctioned by the ruling powers in society, started in early childhood. Please understand this, it is not in the interest of the State or the Church that we fully own our power. This is why they have spent millennia vilifying these urges. Shame and guilt make for powerful controls.

Plutonian Urges

The two main drives associated with both the traditional ruler of Scorpio, Mars and the new co-ruler, Pluto, are sex and death. That is why I thought we would look both Eros (sex drive) and Thanatos (self-destruction/death drive) square in the eye in plenty of time for the upcoming Scorpio New Moon. These drives can easily consume us with unhealthy expressions when they are repressed and projected onto others.

The Tarot can help us free this blocked energy up by acting as a mirror for our subconscious drives and urges. You can only free up that which makes its way into conscious awareness. And there is more than one way of doing this type of work… You can choose to pay thousands of pounds for counselling with a psychotherapist to become aware of your repressed drives and urges, or you can get your trusted deck of Tarot cards out and start shuffling… Your choice!

However, please understand that it is no less painful to read on the shadow in your own home with the Tarot than it is to go for counselling. And the pain that is more gently distributed time-wise when you go through counselling (although you may have massively sharp and painful breakthroughs there too) can come flooding in all in one go with a Tarot reading if you have the courage to be completely honest with yourself. Who will be there to catch you when the world as you knew it comes tumbling down?

Angelic Shadow Work

However, if you still wish to do this work on your own, you may wish to invite the angelic realm into your Tarot Shadow-work. I suggest you call on Archangel Azrael before you lay the cards out according to the spread below. You may wish to light a black candle as you do so… Yellow and green calcite are crystals that you may wish to surround yourself with as they have wonderful healing properties and soften the blow of harsh sudden insights.

NB. If you are suffering from mental health issues, you are better off doing shadow work in the company of a trained counsellor or therapist.

Your Plutonian Self Tarot Spread

Your Plutonian Self Tarot Spread

Positional meanings

1. Your Plutonian self. Shows how much of your transformational power you have unlocked so far.
2. Challenge. Shows what you must do to fully unlock your Plutonian power.
3. Thanatos. Your death drive. Shows how your self-destructive instincts are triggered.
4. Death power. Shows you how to channel these urges in a healthy way. You can use this energy to destroy that which no longer serves you.
5. Eros. Your sex drive. Shows you how your lust is triggered.
6. Aphrodisiac. How to enhance your sex drive.
7 – 9. An intuitive message from your shadow self. It is important that you tune in to these cards intuitively rather than going by traditional card meanings. Imagine them as a dream sequence. Take your time. Stay open and receptive. It is OK if nothing comes immediately. It could be tricky if you are not used to reading this way. What I recommend if you really struggle is to place the cards next to your bedside table. Set the intent to receive a message from your Shadow self and be prepared to make a note of it as soon as you wake up.

I recommend using this spread in the final three days leading up to the Scorpio New Moon, for clearing any energetic blockages, so that you can sow the seeds of power, wealth and desire when you see that beautiful silver sliver of the New moon in the sky.


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  1. Thank you Lisa for being so generous in sharing this valuable spread! While I found first 6 cards very accurate, 7-9 will have to sleep on my altar. I haven’t seen such a strange combination in a while. Very, very interesting.
    Thank you again!

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