You’re OK, I’m OK – Tarot Spread for Total Acceptance

lovers in moonlight

Let’s take a break from self-improvement and trying to ‘fix’ the relationship for a minute. What if everything is actually completely perfect just as it is and the only slight interference to relationship bliss is your ego’s insistence that something must be broken?

The truth is that you were born perfect and although your experiences have left you feeling confused, that perfection is didn’t go anywhere. You can still experience its brilliance once you surrender into the moment and accept things they way they are… including your own perfection and perceived quirks and flaws (which are part of your perfection, btw)…

So take a moment to ground and centre before you lay the cards out. Picture your naked soul, before it was born… do the same for your partner… watch these two souls descend into earthly form like two white doves… pure, innocent… nothing but love and a desire to learn the lessons ahead.

See these two bright lights clothed in human form… yours and your partner’s…


Now pick two tarot cards (1+2) and one oracle card (3), and lay them out according to the diagram below:


1. Your mask: This is any perceived imperfection in yourself that makes you forget who you truly are. Removing this mask will help you be true to yourself.

2. Their mask: This is anything you project onto your partner which makes you forget who they truly are. OR, if you are doing this together with your partner, any perceived imperfection in them that makes them forget who they truly are.

3. Divine vision for the relationship that emerges when you drop your masks: I recommend using the Whispers of Love Oracle, Art Through the Eyes of the Soul or Angel Heart Sigils for the oracle card draw… but any oracle with pure and loving messages that you feel drawn to use will work.


Blessed Be!

Lisa Frideborg