The Gilded Tarot Spread

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Do you own a copy of Ciro Marchetti’s first Tarot deck, The Gilded Tarot Deck? If you do, I’m sure you love yours as much as I loved mine. In fact, I loved mine so much that I ended up giving away not one, but two copies. And as of last summer, I was Gilded-less but I had made two other people wanting to learn the Tarot very happy.

The Shit Sandwich Tarot Spread

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Did your teacher talk about the ‘shit sandwich’ when you went to school? It’s a technique for how to deliver constructive criticism. Basically, it consists of saying something supportive/encouraging, then adding in the criticism (pointing out what could be improved, along with tips about how to do so) and ending the same way you started by mentioning something that you are already doing that works. For criticism to be constructive, you have to let the person know what already works …