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Zombie Tarot Mini Review + Broken Heart Spread

If you are nursing the pain of a broken heart, take comfort in knowing that things could be worse – at least you still have a heart.  (from the Zombie Tarot LWB)

When the Zombie Tarot by Paul Kepple and Stacey Graham arrived through the post yesterday, I was delighted to discover that the LWB (Little White Book – card sized booklet containing card meanings) included a relationship Tarot spread.

Like with everything else in the Zombie Tarot box set, a lot of thought has gone into the creation of the LWB. It is made in the same style as the deck is an absolute joy to read. How often can you say that about a LWB?! I usually bin mine! Here is the LWB opened to the page with the relationship spread:

Zombie Tarot LWB picture

And here is the side of the inside of the box:

Zombie Tarot - box picture

All these details make it very hard not to fall in love with this deck and if you already have a thing for Zombies this may well quickly become your favourite working deck.

The relationship spread looked promising. I like heart-shaped layouts. Some of you may recall my ‘Heart of the Relationship Tarot Spread‘ which is a larger spread (14-15 cards).

The Zombie Tarot Broken Heart spread can be used for a relationship that has just ended but there is hope of getting back together or for a relationship that is going through a rough patch. It gives a good, thorough overview of the relationship without going into too much detail if you struggle with large spreads.

As neither scenario applies for me, I decided try the Broken Heart spread for a hypothetical relationship. Here is a picture my reading and the interpretation follows below:

Tarot Reading - Zombie Tarot

click image to enlarge

1. Central issue – King of Hazards (Pentacles): Hard work and money worries might be creating distance between you.

2. How you see the other person – The Magician: You see him as a bit of trickster and not always liberal with the truth but very skilled in his line of work.

3. How they see you – Page of Wands: You inspire him and he’s drawn to your charismatic personality.

4. The unknown – Page of Cups: A child, the birth of a child or an unexpected pregnancy could affect the relationship.

5. Where you want the relationship to go – The Wheel of Fortune: You want the relationship to grow because it makes you feel expansive and ‘lucky.’ Together you will be able to achieve more than each on their own.

6. Who can help – 6 of Hazards (Pentacles): Make sure you prioritise spending time together as much as you prioritise being successful at work. ‘Il faut cultiver son jardin.’  The garden of your relationship needs attention! Not enough energy has gone into creating relationship beauty and harmony. Your relationship garden is overgrown with weeds of discontentment. This can easily be fixed if you find that lawnmower zombie!

7. Challenges in your relationship – King of Cups: You’re both feeling swamped and like there’s not enough to go around. You should be able to swim freely in the ocean of love but you’re tied down by obligations.

8. The outcome of your relationship – 2 of Wands: This relationship can definitely be rescued. If you work at restoring balance and harmony, you’ll become a formidable team, as you are both driven and motivated to succeed.  The love is there but the emotions aren’t flowing freely at the minute due to both of you putting too much emphasis on work and not enough on nurturing the relationship.

Addendum July 2015: Three years on and this is one of my all-time favourite Tarot decks. I feel it hasn’t received the recognition it deserves – Pure genius!

Blessed be!


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  1. The creators of this deck have put so much attention to detail to the presentation, just like with the Housewives Tarot, which I love..Having seen that Relationship spread in action, I’m also tempted to buy this deck, even though I do find the zombie figures a little repulsive…but such a wicked sense of humour 😉 Thank you for showing this deck in action 😉

    1. Yes, the Housewives Tarot is also totally fabulous! I think it’s good to read with decks that have aspects that we find repulsive every now and again – It helps us find new perspectives and authenticity because we have to dig a bit deeper… 🙂

  2. I LOVE both the deck and your reading!!! Aghh, i promised myself i won’t be buying any new decks for the time being (not because of finances – but i ran away from room to keep them!!!), albeit i see this will be an exception!!! 😉

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