7 Health Benefits & 7 Magickal Uses for Labradorite

Magickal Uses for Labradorite

After having an almost lifelong love affair with amethyst, I now have a favourite new crystal: labradorite. I had been wanting a piece for a while… ever since I bought a large piece for a friend who let me stay in her flat while my own was undergoing extensive repair.

Labradorite is one of those powerful stones that most people have an immediate reaction to (‘ohhhh’ and ‘ahhhhh’ is common!) and I instantly knew it had a soothing effect on me. Being an empath, I often absorb nervous energy from people around me and I soon realised that labradorite protects me against this.

my labradorite palm stone

This was quite a few years ago and I forgot all about it. I got busy doing other stuff… until the other day. I found myself in a crystal shop with my youngest daughter. She reached for a black obsidian skull and under it sat a labradorite palm stone that had my name on it.

We have been inseparable ever since and I even sleep with it under the pillow.

I have since done some research about labradorite and found that it is named after the region in Canada to which it is native. Labradorite is also found in Italy, Finland, Russia and Scandinavia. Another name for this magical crystal is spectrolite.

According to Melody’s seminal ‘Love is in the Earth‘ (which is shamelessly plagiarised by other ‘crystal experts’) labradorite is said to represent the ‘Temple of the Stars.’ Its luminescence is thought to be of extraterrestrial origin.

7 Health Benefits of Labradorite

  • Beneficial for upper respiratory problems
  • Relieves symptoms of PMT/PMS
  • Relieves brain stress and provides mental acuity aligned with intuition
  • Clarifies the eyes
  • Helpful for rheumatoid arthritis
  • Relieves anxiety
  • Aids digestion

7 Magickal Uses for Labradorite

  • Creates a strong connection with Luna
  • Also creates a strong connection with Sol, sustaining the Self during times of transformation or initiation
  • Use to tune into your inner High Priestess
  • Ideal for any magickal workings involving Archangel Gabriel
  • Perfect for enhancing psychic ability during Tarot readings
  • Psychic protection and connecting with Archangel Michael
  • Healing spells for any of the conditions mentioned above

Labradorite has a natural healing effect on the aura whenever you keep it near. It smooths out the energy flow and repairs any leakages. In other words, an ideal stone for healers and empaths to carry on their person at all times!

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  1. I have a lepidolite under my pillow. It’s a purple one. When I went to the store it was for buying a labradorite but I fell for that purple raw stone. Now I must have to order a labradorire

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  2. Labradorite is one of my favorite stones!! It reminds me of the Aurora Borealis and the Cosmos! I feel like I’m floating through our beautiful Universe when I look at it! <3 Thank you for sharing these tips! 🙂

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