how to enchant jewellery

How to Enchant Jewellery in 5 Easy Steps

how to enchant jewellery

Jewellery can be so much more than a beauty statement. It can serve as a personal talisman, charged with intentions to protect, as a charm for attracting abundance, or as an amulet to promote clear communication. Today, we dive into the mystical world of jewellery enchantment and teach you how to enchant jewellery in five easy steps.

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The practice of enchanting jewellery dates back millennia. It is a tradition that can be found in many cultures and traditions. The practice of enchanting your favourite necklace, ring, or bracelet with specific energies is timeless. It is also easy and effective. With a few simple steps, it can bring a deeper sense of purpose and empowerment to your daily adornment.

In today’s post, we are looking at how to enchant each of the three gorgeous bracelets in the image above that sent me to review. We have black tourmaline for protection, green jade for abundance and celestite for clear communication, whether with other humans or spirit beings.

Before we go on to look at the 5-step process for how to enchant jewellery, I would like to thank Otter Spirit for sending me these bracelets. They are of very high quality and absolutely gorgeous. Do visit their site and browse their collection. We’re coming up to Valentine’s dayCheck this beauty out if you’re stuck for gift ideas! The love bracelet combo would also make an excellent self-love gift.

Black Tourmaline for Protection

black tourmaline bracelent for protection

Black tourmaline jewellery is an exceptional choice for enchantment, especially for those seeking protection. While it doesn’t have to be a bracelet, I’m especially fond of enchanting bracelets for two reasons. You can feel the bracelet on your arm as you move about. You will also see the bracelet frequently throughout the day. Unlike a pendant worn around the neck, a bracelet thus provides a constant reminder of the protection in place.

Black tourmaline is revered for its grounding properties and its remarkable ability to transmute negative energy into a positive state, acting as a powerful shield against psychic attacks, environmental pollutants, and emotional discord. Integrating this gemstone into jewellery amplifies its protective aura, as it maintains close contact with the wearer’s personal energy field. By enchanting a black tourmaline bracelet you can fortify your energetic barriers. This allows you to navigate daily life with an added layer of resilience against unseen energetic interferences.

Green Jade for Abundance

Green jade has been cherished across the world, bearing a treasure trove of benefits and symbolic meanings. Known primarily as a ‘stone of luck,’ green jade is also regarded as a stone that harmonises the heart chakra. Green Jade is widely associated with virtues of wisdom, justice, compassion, and modesty. It provides a sense of tranquillity and purity. Additionally, it promotes emotional release and detoxification, clearing pathways for the body’s vital energies to flow unhindered.

One of the most popular attributes of green jade is its connection to abundance. Long revered in cultures especially in Eastern traditions, it is considered a magnet for prosperity and good fortune. When it comes to enchanting your green jade bracelet, you can choose to harness and amplify its ability to attract good fortune and prosperity. The enchantment process infuses the bracelet with intentional energy aimed at attracting abundance in its many forms. You can set the intention to make the bracelet a magnet for all forms of abundance, not just financial.

Celestite for Communication

Celestite, known for its ethereal blue hue, is a gemstone that resonates strongly with the throat chakra—the energy centre associated with communication. It has a calming and soothing influence that facilitates both the clarity and diplomacy needed in conversation, making it an ideal aide in resolving conflicts or engaging in meaningful discussions. Furthermore, celestite is believed to strengthen one’s connection with the divine, aiding in spirit communication and enhancing meditation. This celestial stone enhances serenity and harmony, leading to open and honest self-expression.

An enchanted celestite bracelet, with the intention of clear inner guidance, can be a constant, gentle reminder for the wearer to engage in mindful communication and to trust their intuitive wisdom throughout their daily journey. By harmonising the energies of the throat chakra, the enchantment supports a kind of silent strength in articulation, promoting both the courage to speak one’s truth and the subtlety to listen to others. For those seeking divine connection or spiritual alignment, the bracelet serves to facilitate a clearer channel to their inner guidance system, impacting decisions and interactions with a sense of guided confidence.

Five-Step Process for Enchanting Jewellery

Enchanting your jewellery is a personal and intimate process. You can adapt the steps below to suit and can use any type of jewellery you like, not just bracelets. You can also set any intention you like, as long as it is a good match with the jewellery. It’s about using common sense. Using a heart-shaped ring makes more sense for romantic than financial enchantment, for instance.

The good news is that you do not need extensive occult or metaphysical knowledge to perform an enchantment. It’s something your ancestors did instinctively and intuitively in ancient times.

It’s your birth right to imprint your jewellery energetically. What matters more than an elaborate ritual is your intention and your belief that your intention makes it so. Below is a simple five-step guide to help you charge and enchant your jewellery with intention and purpose.

Step 1: Cleanse the Jewellery

Begin by purifying your chosen piece of jewellery. Cleansing removes any previously stored energies and prepares it for the new enchantment. You can use methods such as running it under cold spring water, leaving it out under a full moon, smudging with sage or other herbs, or placing it on a piece of selenite or amethyst overnight.

Be careful with an jewellery that is water soluble and choose an alternative cleansing method such as smudging. You can also use Reiki to cleanse your jewellery.

Step 2: Set Your Intention

Clearly define what you wish to bring forth from the enchantment. It could be protection, abundance, love, or clarity, to name a few. Write down your intention or say it aloud to solidify your desire.

If you like you can write a rhyming spell. I find that the rhythmic chanting of a rhyming spell sends a clear message to the deep mind/subconscious.

Step 3: Select a Conducive Time and Place

Choose a time and space where you won’t be disturbed. If you wish, you can align your enchantment process with specific lunar phases, such as a New/Full Moon in Taurus for abundance or the a Waning/Dark Moon for enchanting jewellery that shields and repels negative energy. However, this is not necessary. If you need a piece of protective jewellery, for instance, that need supersedes lunar phases because your intention will be super-charged by your need.

Step 4: Charge the Jewellery

Holding the jewellery in your hands, close your eyes, and visualise your intention. Imagine a light encapsulating the jewellery and infusing it with your desired energy. This is the time to chant your rhyming spell or say a prayer that resonates with the intention. Alternatively, you can simply focus on the feeling of marinating in the energy you wish to infuse your jewellery with.

Step 5: Wear or Place the Jewellery

Finally, when you can carry your enchanted bracelet or other piece of jewellery on your person. You may wish to wear it immediately to keep the energy close, or you can place it on your altar or or other sacred space before you wear it.

Remember, the key to enchanting jewellery is the belief and emotion you invest in the intention. Your personal energy and focus bring the jewellery to life, allowing it to serve as a powerful symbolic tool in your daily life.

Re-Enchanting Your Jewellery

The enchantment on your jewellery can fade over time. This can be due to various factors, including the natural dissipation of energy, your own evolving intentions, or a particularly challenging period that may have drained the jewellery of its power.

As a living process, enchantment benefits from renewal and restoration. Think of it like watering a plant; occasionally, you need to provide it with nutrients and care for it to flourish.

How Often to Re-Enchant

The frequency with which you should re-enchant your jewellery can vary. An energetic check-in can help gauge the need for re-enchantment:

  1. If you find yourself less connected to the intention with which you enchanted the jewellery.
  2. When you feel the jewellery no longer resonates with the energy it was charged with.
  3. In the event that you’ve gone through a significant life change and your intentions have shifted.
  4. If you have been through or are going through a very taxing time emotionally, physically, or spiritually.
  5. During regular energy cleansing practices, such as at the change of seasons, lunar cycles, or at the start of a new year.

As a general guideline, some may find it beneficial to re-enchant their jewellery with every change of the season, approximately every three months, to refresh and realign with their intentions. Others may choose to do so during significant lunar phases—such as the full moon which is often seen as a time of culmination and release—or simply when their intuition guides them.

Steps for Re-Enchanting Your Jewellery

Re-enchanting the jewellery follows the same fundamental steps as the initial enchantment:

  1. Cleanse the Jewellery

    • Begin by clearing any stagnant energy from the jewellery, using your preferred method of cleansing. This creates a clean energetic slate.
  2. Revisit or Reset Your Intention

    • Reflect on your original intention and decide if it still serves you. If not, establish a new intention that aligns with your current journey.
  3. Re-Energise
    • Choose an appropriate time and place, create the right ambience, and re-invest the jewellery with your updated or reaffirmed intention.
  4. Close the Enchantment

    • Finalise the re-enchantment by wearing the jewellery, or placing it in a space that holds significance for you, to integrate the renewed energy.

Remember that the effectiveness of the enchantment is intertwined with your beliefs and emotions, as well as with the properties of any stones used. The enchanted jewellery acts as a conductor between your intention and your deep mind. Your deep mind is the main source of power here. Regularly reconnecting with the purpose of your enchanted jewellery not only boosts its signalling power but also strengthens your bond with its symbolic significance and thus the impact it has on your deep mind.


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