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7 Ways to Heal with the Element of Water

The philosophical Element of Water is reflected in naturally occurring water in Nature. We find water in rain, lakes, the ocean, waterfalls, dew and mist… In the Western Esoteric tradition, this Element is associated with emotions and psychic energy. But in the esoteric tradition, Water also retains some of its physical properties. Hence, it can be used for psychic cleansing, consecration and protection as well as giving the body or floorboards a good wash.

As modern experiments have proven, water very quickly absorbs energy vibrations of a variety of things, such as words and music (see Dr Emoto’s work with water crystals), as well as flowers and crystals (see the work of Dr Bach et al with vibrational essences). I use this principle myself for creating healing Tarot essences, which contain the vibration of the Tarot archetype and can be used to speed up the integration of the qualities associated with that archetype.

7 Ways to Heal with The Element of Water

You can very easily draw on the healing power of Water yourself… Here are seven of my favourite ways:

Drink water

Imbibe it as pure as possible… and bless it first! There are many ways to boost your water with extra healing energy. You can charge it in the sun for a while or you can tape the healing word you desire to embody on your water jug. When short on time, simply say a prayer or hold your cupped hands around the glass, channelling healing white light into the water. The intent is paramount, as this is how the vibrational signature is created. However, if at all possible you should speak the words out loud as your voice adds to the intent.

Meditate next to a body of water

Meditate next to a body of water to calm your mind and soothe your spirit. If you are not able to visit a lake or the seaside, there are many meditation tracks that have the sound of rain, waterfall or waves.

Take care of your sacral chakra

Actively work with the Tarot for healing second/sacral chakra issues such as fear of intimacy. This will engage your psychic ability which is also associated with Water. The second chakra is known as Svadhisthana (sweetness) in Sanskrit. It is only when it functions well that we are able to really feel comfortable in our own skin and enjoy all the sensual pleasures that life can bring us. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Take an aromatherapy bath

Enjoy a relaxing bath infused with the healing power of essential oils. To connect even more deeply with the Water Element, try one of the sacral chakra scents: jasmine (for less manipulative relationships), patchouli (increased libido), rose (acceptance of difficult emotions) or orange (brings you out of your shell).

Tell others how you feel

Simply set the intent to share your feelings, straight from the heart, without judgement or censorship and listen actively when friends and loved ones share their feelings. Call on Archangel Gabriel (ruler of the Moon/Water) to help if your communication falters.

Of course, telling others requires that you acknowledge your feelings to yourself first. If you struggle with this, you may find doing morning pages helpful.


Express your emotions through any artistic medium that appeals to you. It can be extremely healing and cathartic. And the best part is that you do not have to be great at it because it is not about the final form – it is about the process and the healing it brings.

Renew yourself with dew

Walk barefoot through the grass when it is raining or soak up the dew first thing in the morning through the soles of your feet. Do it mindfully and you will combine earthing with a walking meditation that will leave you truly refreshed and revitalised.

We could all do with drawing on the healing power of the Element of Water more than we do. Perhaps you already knew that 55-60% consists of water. Staying hydrated is vital in order for the body to rid itself of toxins.

ETA 2023: My understanding of how to work with the Element of Water has evolved since I wrote this post in 2015. I share how in the post I wrote about Living Water where you will also find a Living Water Tarot Spread. This spread can help you if you wish to work with the Element of Water in magical and alchemical ways.


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