Cedarwood Essential Oil Magical Properties

cedarwood oil

Did you know that Lebanese cedar wood was used to construct the Temple of King Solomon? Cedar resin was used to embalm Egyptian mummies. The high quality fragrant and rot-resistant Cedrus Libani wood was very popular in all kinds of construction (including ships) and this lead to depletion of Middle Eastern cedar with big modern day reforestation programs under way, especially in Turkey.

These days, Virginian cedar (Juniperus Virginiana) is more easily available and this is the kind you will find in most essential oils on the market.  The American cedar was sacred to Native American Indians, the Cherokee in particular.

While this is not one of the more commonly known essential oils and not recommended as part of your essential/first aid kit, this gem of an oil has many healing and magickal uses. Do be careful to keep it well out of reach of young children, as it is highly toxic when ingested.

As with any essential oil, skin sensitivity/allergy could be an issue so make sure to test on a small area of your skin first.

NB. Should not be used during pregnancy.


  • Helps against itching/dermatitis. Dilute with carrier oil (coconut oil is excellent)
  • Expectorant – relieves a tight chest. Place a drop directly onto your chest or dilute if your skin is sensitive
  • Diuretic. Can be used for healing bladder and kidney conditions. Massage over bladder/kidneys
  • Cures acne. Put a couple of drops in unscented skin creme
  • Cures dandruff. Massage diluted oil into the scalp
  • Bug off. Use in a diffuser as an insect repellent
  • Soothing. Rub a drop into your palms and hold your hands to your face. Breathe normally for a minute


  • For many types of solar magick (healing and protection)
  • To invoke Archangel Michael
  • Use to create sacred space (incense, wood shavings or oil diffuser)
  • Keep a cedarwood wand above your door for protection
  • Sacred to the Goddess Brigit and used during Imbolc celebrations
  • Excellent wood to use for longevity and abundance talismans
  • Grounds and creates clarity during psychic readings
cedarwood health benefits and magickal uses
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