7 Health Benefits and 7 Magickal Properties of Pine

Pine essential oil (pinus sylvestris) is one of my favourite oils to use in massage blends for tired and aching muscles after a tough workout session or run but it has many more uses both for health and spellcasting. A truly magickal herb, pinus sylvestris was often used by the ancients to ward off evil and is said to have the power to not only clear the space but to return evil forces to their source. In early Roman times, …

Cedarwood – 7 Health Benefits and 7 Magickal Properties

Did you know that Lebanese cedar wood was used to construct the Temple of King Solomon? Cedar resin was used to embalm Egyptian mummies. The high quality fragrant and rot-resistant Cedrus Libani wood was very popular in all kinds of construction (including ships) and this lead to depletion of Middle Eastern cedar with big modern day reforestation programs under way, especially in Turkey.