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Perhaps you are familiar with Bach flower remedies or other flower/crystal essences. Did you know it is entirely possible to create your own Tarot essence along the same principles? The Tarot essence harnesses the power of individual symbols and archetypes, making it easier for you to integrate this energy with mind-body-spirit. In this post, I show you how!

Before creating the essence, make sure you are using cards from a cleansed deck. Ideally, you should use a deck that is dedicated to healing work to create your essence. Any type of deck is fine but it needs to be a deck that you have an emotional connection with. You also need to have a familiarity with the individual cards. The more you meditate with this deck, the more potent your healing work will be.

Creating a Tarot Essence is really very simple and can be done in one of three ways:

  • The first method is to fill a glass with pure spring water (or filtered tap water) and place it directly over the card for a minimum of 15 minutes. Just 15 minutes is enough if the essence is charged by direct sunlight. Other conditions usually require a longer period of time – allow your intuition to guide you. You also use a pendulum to check if the essence is ready. Feel free to put a clear quartz crystal (or a crystal corresponding to the card energy) in the glass for programming at the same time.
  • The other way is to place the tarot card in a glass (or jar) inside a bowl filled with spring water (or filtered tap water). Again, you need to let the water absorb the card energy for at least 15 minutes before drinking it. This method is ideal if you are creating an essence for more than one person.
  • If you want to make an essence that lasts over a period of time so that you can continue to take it regularly as a remedy without having to make a new batch every day, you need to make a ‘Mother tincture.’  You would use the first method and then add the finished essence to a dropper bottle that you have filled up halfway with either vodka, brandy or vinegar as a preservative. Shake well. From this mother tincture, you can then make up treatment bottles by filling 10 ml dropper bottles with a about a third of your favourite preservative, about two-thirds of spring water and top it up with a couple of drops from the Mother tincture. Shake and she’s ready to go. From a 10 ml bottle, you usually get a course of two weeks, if you take 2 drops (in water or directly under the tongue), three times daily.

Pay attention to lunar phases when creating your remedy. The most potent essences are usually made on the night of the full moon, in a sign corresponding to the card. Leave the water to absorb the essence of the card over night if at all possible. Certain lunar energy cards such as The Moon, The Queen of Cups and The High Priestess are definitely best charged by moonlight. Again, allow your intuition to guide you.

If you wish to banish a card energy, this should be done on a waning moon, in the corresponding astrological sign. I do not advice creating essences for banishing. It is better to burn (influence to banish in Water or Earth) or bury (influence to banish in Air or Fire) the card. Essences should be created on a waxing or full moon.

Can all cards be used for essences? Yes, but please beware that if you have a really difficult relationship with a card, like some of the Swords cards, you need to be certain before imbibing the energy. It can certainly help you heal conditions associated with these card energies but do be prepared for a healing crisis.

If you are working with one of the more challenging cards, it would be a good idea to do it with someone so that you are not completely on your own in dealing with what comes up. Swords, for instance, is Air/Communication and very amenable to ‘talk therapy.’ It is when the energy is allowed to ‘fester’ in our minds that things tend to get really bad.

Blessed Be!


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  1. Yes! You can also bottle it with vodka or brandy (50/50) as a preservative – this makes a mother tincture. Use a brown glass bottle for this. You can then put a couple of drops of the 'mother' into smaller dropper bottles filled with spring water and an alcoholic preservative (or vinegar if avoiding alcohol). Keep these refrigerated. If you wish, you may potentise the 'mother' first by shaking it. Label carefully with the date and your intent. For advanced essence making, work with the most beneficial celestial influences in terms of intent.

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