Tarot Healing Chakra Meditation


The Tarot Healing exercise below will help you learn to trust in your own intuitive guidance for both Tarot and self-healing. You will learn to harness the vibrational medicine found in each card, just as you would with crystals and flowers. The key to success is to have fun.


Lay out the Majors in front of you and focus in turn on the 7 energy centres, or chakras, along the spine. Start with the root chakra which is located at the base of your spine. This energy centre is related to our sense of being grounded, belonging, stability and feeling safe. Which of the Majors seem to resonate with this energy centre?

Next, focus on the sacral chakra, located just below the navel. The sacral chakra is about relating in general and also to creativity. For this energy centre, you should pick the one that feels the most empowering for you in the moment. Remember that there is no right or wrong and that you are free to experiment.

The third chakra is the solar plexus chakra. This is your power centre. Focus on the energy centre just below your ribs and allow your intuition to guide you to the right card. Choosing your power card for the solar plexus chakra should feel empowering.

Direct your focus to the heart chakra which is located at the level of the heart, in the middle of the chest. The heart chakra corresponds to love and compassion. Look at the cards once more and pick out the one that seems to resonate with thoughts of love, beauty and harmony.

Next, we come to the throat. This chakra not only corresponds to charisma and speaking our truth but also to clairaudience. Which card is the best fit for you, right now?

Just above the eyebrow, in the middle of the forehead, we find the third eye chakra. This chakra is linked with intuition, wisdom and clairvoyance. I would love to hear which card you choose for this chakra!

Finally, just above the top of the head, we have the crown chakra. Now we can do the last bit of energy fine-tuning by picking a card that helps us feel at one with the Universe and completely at peace…


How to draw the energy of the cards into each of the chakras: Sit cross-legged on the floor, spine straight, shoulders relaxed, top of the head aligned with the base of the spine. Relax your hands on your knees. Look at the images you have chosen and commit them to memory. Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath in and as you breathe out, visualise a root shooting out from the base of the spine into the core of the earth. As you breathe in, you will feel the life-giving earth energy travel up into your root chakra. Now focus on this chakra for three breaths and fix the card image into the chakra by the power of your mind. You can also use one or two of the keywords for the card, stating them silently on the out-breath.

Repeat the process for each of the chakras/cards. When you have completed the exercise you can allow your breathing to return to normal before opening your eyes.

How did you feel before you started the meditation? How do you feel now? I find that this meditation is a wonderful way to start the day, but it might work better for you in the afternoon or evening. As always, whatever works best for you is the way to go.

NB. This post was originally published on the Tarotize blog in 2009


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