Rock Rose

Rock Rose Bach Flower Remedy and the Tarot Moon Card

Rock Rose is the Bach Flower Remedy to use for states of overwhelming fear or terror. It is included in the Bach Rescue Remedy and can be regarded as a rescue remedy in its own right for sufferers of severe anxiety and panic attacks.

The corresponding Tarot card is The Moon (Pisces) and crystals you can use to ameliorate severe anxiety or panic attacks are green tourmaline, amber and lithium quartz.

Please note that you should always consult a medical professional about severe states of anxiety and/or if you suffer from panic attacks. In my own experience of having suffered from both when I was younger, freeing yourself is a truly holistic endeavour but when you are at breaking point, you may be too weak to even consider underlying causes or alternative treatments. There is no shame in taking the medications prescribed by your GP, nor should you stop them abruptly in favour of complementary medicine, or without informing/asking your doctor first.

Instant Relief

The main advantage of both Rock Rose and Rescue Remedy is that they can provide instant relief and that they are totally safe to take together with any medication prescribed by your GP.

Learning to use the breath (pranayama) to calm your nerves is one of the more helpful techniques I learned that can also be used along with both Bach Flower Remedies and allopathic medication. Mentally, once I realised that it was the fear of a panic attack itself that could trigger another attack, it was as if something clicked and I refused to be afraid of being afraid any more. But the penny drops in different ways for each of us and you can’t force deep insights.

Let us not forget about the power of prayer. In the end, deep states of terror come down to a deeply disturbed root chakra and a basic lack of trust in life itself. Therefore, the angels to call on would be Archangel Sachiel (ruler of Jupiter/Pisces), bringer of optimism, and Archangel Cassiel (guardian of the Root Chakra).

Here is a prayer you can use when you feel the onset of a panic attack. Stand or sit with your feet firmly on the ground, visualising roots going into the ground from the soles of your feet. (Try to read the prayer out loud, as slowly as you can).

Prayer to Archangel Cassiel

Dear Archangel Cassiel, thank you for the support of the ground below. Help me feel this support grow stronger with each breath. Help me to connect to the core of the Earth through my root chakra and stay grounded. I ask for life-giving energy to infuse me on each inhale and on the out-breath, I send my fear down into the Earth for transmutation. So mote it be!

What are some of the things that you have tried in your battle against anxiety and panic attacks? What worked and what didn’t work?


Deck used: Bach Flower Inspirational Cards (affiliate link)

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