The Faden Crystal

Faden Crystal

A Faden crystal is a clear quartz crystal that has been fractured and self-healed. The fracture scar is clearly visible in the crystal, like the one in the picture above.

Faden is German for fibre.

As you can imagine, this crystal is great for deep healing after bone fractures and muscle tears but it can be used to assist any healing process. It can also be used on all chakras, just like normal clear quartz.

The Faden crystal is said to be able to carry more than one program, such as chakra balancing and communication with spirit guides. It holds on to any programming for a very long time.

The Faden crystal is very versatile and you can program it for pretty much any task, both in the realm of physical healing and spiritual growth/development.

It’s a wonderful crystal for assisting communication with the celestial realms and any spirit guides, including elementals.

The Faden crystal can also assist communication between humans if the relationship is at risk of being fractured due to a lack of dialogue. Equally, if it is time to let go, it can assist in the process of separation through acceptance and peaceful communication.

Personally, after working with this crystal since September last year, it seems to me as if it is also good at adapting to my needs and doesn’t need specific programming. It feels like an extremely intelligent crystal. I know they all have their own intelligence but this one kind of ‘outsmarts’ a lot of them if that makes sense. It figures from a crystal that worked out how to self-heal!

I would love to hear from you if you have worked with this crystal. What has been its main use for you? Please leave a comment!

love raven liora

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