7 Magical Uses for Clear Quartz


Clear quartz is known as the ‘Master Healer’ among crystals. This is because it strengthens and amplifies any energy directed for healing purposes. It corresponds with the Crown Chakra but can be used to heal all chakras. Because of its versatility, clear quartz is one of the first crystals everyone should add to their kit. It is the easiest crystal to program but it will need cleansing occasionally as it also quite easily absorbs energy.

If you do not have any crystals and would like to begin exploring the healing power and magickal properties of crystals, clear quartz is the crystal I would recommend that you start with. Amethyst is another great first choice. Always trust your intuition!

There are many variations of clear quartz and you can learn about one of them, the Faden crystal, HERE.

Cleanse your clear quartz

The first thing to do when you bring your new crystal home is to cleanse it. This can be done in any number of ways. Here are four simple ways of doing it that all work equally well:

  • Place it in a bowl of rock salt overnight.
  • Place it on the window sill to be cleansed by the light of the Full Moon.
  • Hold it under running water.
  • Pass it through some incense – frankincense, white sage or sandalwood work best for cleansing.

Program your clear quartz

Now that your crystal has been cleansed you can tell it what you want it to do…

  1. For example, if you wish to use the crystal to enhance your psychic ability, you simply say: please clear any debris from my third eye and help me stay receptive to psychic messages coming my way. If you like you can rub your third eye (located between and just above your eyebrows) with the crystal as you say this.
  2. A clear quartz pendulum is ideal to use for scanning and clearing chakras as part of an energy healing session. It will need to be cleansed between clients.
  3. Place one in front of your computer or dotted around the house to clear electromagnetic smog. Clusters are especially useful for this purpose.
  4. Clear quartz makes a wonderful multi-purpose white magick wand as it focuses the intent (as long as it is pure, i.e. for the highest good of all) and amplifies the energy.
  5. Dedicate one piece to communication with your guardian angel and use it in meditation. If you carry this piece with you, you can easily reach for it to calm yourself and remind yourself that you are not alone.
  6. Use clear quartz to amplify the energy of other crystals.
  7. Record keeper crystals have little triangles on the surface. They are thought to be Atlantean in origin and have the power to transmit ancient wisdom as well as activate dormant spiritual gifts in the user.

What will you use your clear quartz crystal for?

love raven liora

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