Tarot of Enchanted Dreams by Yasmeen Westwood

Interview with the Tarot of Enchanted Dreams + New Deck Interview Spread

Tarot of Enchanted Dreams by Yasmeen Westwood

ETA 31 August, 2018: There are false allegations of copyright infringement and plagiarism in a couple of the comments below. I wish people would fact check before they set out to ruin the lives and careers of good people. Using stock photos in digital art is not copyright infringement. Nor is using the RWS concept for your artwork. 

The Tarot of Enchanted Dreams by Yasmeen Westwood arrived through the post last week and I’ve spent a couple of days bonding with it before doing the deck interview this time. For instance, I’ve already done a quick flick-through of all the cards on Instagram. In the video, you will also be able to see the lovely large tin that the deck comes in, as well as a glimpse of the nice, thick full-colour companion booklet.

Those of you who feel upset about missing out on this lovely deck which was a small first edition print run, will be happy to know that Yasmeen has signed a deal with Schiffer publishing to get the deck mass-produced. This came as no surprise to me – This deck deserves to become a classic.

As I thought about which deck interview spread to use for today’s interview, I realised I wanted to make a new spread, inspired by the dreamy and magickal Pisces Full Moon yesterday, as well as by Yasmeen’s mystical and enchanted Tarot deck:

The Enchanted Deck Interview Spread

The Enchanted Deck Interview Spread

Tarot Deck Interview with the Enchanted Tarot

Tarot of Enchanted Dreams Deck Interview

1. Show yourselfThe Empress: I’m infused by the essence of the Divine Feminine, a Tarot expression of the Goddess herself. I’m a nurturer and source of creative joy. I am your bridge to messages from Nature that you have yet to awaken to. I’m your comforter when you find yourself in varying states of chaos. I help you see that the chaos is the seedbed for future growth.
2. What is your mission in the world? 10 of Swords: To ease the terror and pain of doubt and fear.
3. What is your most deeply held dream? Queen of Swords: For people to own their balanced power and to stand equally rooted in wisdom and compassion.
4. How can we work together? – 2 of Wands: We can have a really dynamic relationship. Readings with me are likely to lead to the Seeker (you and your clients) taking action.
5. What do you need from me?10 of Pentacles: Long-term commitment!
6. How do you inspire hope?The Lovers: Through intimacy, emotional depth and great communication. I help you discern whenever your path deviates from wisdom and compassion.
7. What is your magick?9 of Pentacles: To help you manifest a blessed and comfortable existence on Earth so that you can be a more effective giver. I make you more independent as well because you only need me as a mirror for your inner guidance – no need to turn to an outside source! I also help you pay attention to cycles so that you can get a heads up on nearing completion or when more effort is required. I have many tricks up my sleeve and I will be able to deal with just about any earthly issue you may dream of… and I do it all with artistic flair. It will be easy for you to hear the music in the cards.

You can expect to see a lot more of the Tarot of Enchanted Dreams here on Angelorum in the future!



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