Medieval Europe Tarot Deck Review and Interview

Medieval Europe Tarot Review and Deck Interview

Medieval Europe Tarot Review and Deck Interview

Have you ever seen a Tarot deck that you really wanted and then spent ages telling yourself that you didn’t want it at all because you knew you couldn’t afford it? The independently published Medieval Europe Tarot deck was one such deck for me when I first came across it back in October last year. Oh my, what a gorgeous, funny, quirky Medieval-themed deck! All the reviews I came across said the quality of the production was topnotch as well.

The futility of trying to tell myself that I didn’t want the Medieval Europe Tarot deck became immediately apparent when I came across a copy that had been an unwanted birthday present (!) on eBay. I was obviously meant to have this deck. I put in a bid and let go of the outcome. Providence did want me to have this deck because I won – woohoo!

Unboxing Video

In my unboxing video, I show all 86 cards in the Medieval Europe Tarot deck.

As mentioned in the video, this is a larger than average Tarot deck. Hopefully, the comparison with a regular RWS Tarot deck gives you an idea of the difference.

medieval europe tarot deck review and interview

The Extras

medieval europe tarot review the chariot

Basically, this is a Medieval-themed RWS-style deck as far as the Minors are concerned. In the Majors, you have the traditional Justice as arcanum VIII and Strength as XI as per the Marseille Tarot tradition. However, you also have eight extra cards. There are two Chariot cards, both with non-traditional imagery.

My favourite Chariot by far is the one depicting the prophet Elijah ascending into Heaven in the chariot of fire, with Elisha holding his coat (see image above). This is one of my favourite stories in the Old Testament and Elijah and Elisha are my two favourite Old Testament prophets, so it’s a given that this is the card I’ll keep in the deck.

Of the remaining seven extra cards, six are astrological. Five of them are Planetary to make up the remainder of the traditional seven planets (Sun and Moon already being present in the traditional Arcana). Hence we have Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, and ‘Merkur.’

The final astrological card is titled ‘The Zodiac.’ It depicts the physiological correspondences with the signs of the Zodiac. The final extra card is my favourite, ‘The Protection.’ The Protection shows Mother Mary sheltering people under her blue cloak (see image below).

medieval europe tarot review the protection mother mary

How to Use The Protection

According to the guidebook, when The Protection shows up in a reading, it means that the reading should be closed. Now is not the time to seek an answer and Mother Mary shows up to protect you from misinformation. I can totally see that happening in future readings I do. It’s great to have a card tell you directly not to do a reading rather than dealing with the confusing messages you tend to get in such a scenario.

However, I also choose to use this card to divine what I need to protect myself against. If The Protection shows up under another card (see directions of arrows in the card imagery), the card above it is what I need to protect myself against.

Medieval Tarot Deck Interview

medieval europe tarot deck interview

1. Describe yourself in three words or less. Saturn

MET: Dry-witted, hard-working, responsible

2. How would your best friend describe you in three words or less? Temperance

MET: Patient Master Alchemist

3. What gift do you bring? Mars

MET: A masculine, no-BS/no-prisoners style reading. Think fatherly advice so succinct that it hits like a punch but it makes you laugh at the same time because you can see your own folly so clearly.

4. What do you expect in return? 8 of Swords

MET: That you sort the gremlins of your mind out as soon as I reveal them to you!

5. How can you help me serve? Knight of Pentacles

MET: I can lend you strength to persevere when you most need it.

Me: Yes, I can see that already. The time travel aspect helps with putting things into perspective. This deck is also filled with ‘memento mori’ imagery in true Medieval fashion – exactly the kind of kick up the backside I need when I feel like quitting.

6. Is there anything else you would like to tell me about yourself? The Tower

MET: Just that you can expect some home truths that quickly unravel any illusions and delusions your mind gremlins have made for you. I guarantee to not hold back!

Me: Perfect. Thank you so much. I look forward to working with you!

love raven liora

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