11 Simple ChristoPagan Rituals

christopagan rituals

These simple ChristoPagan rituals are some suggestions for you to find inspiration from, rather than hard and fast ‘prescriptions’ or set-in-stone rituals. Combining the faith in Christ as the Way and Son of God with honouring the Goddess and observation of the Wheel of the Year is a journey along a Path that we must each pioneer since there is not much in the way of tradition out there. How exciting is this?! We get to do what the first Christians did, with much less risk of execution. (Blessed be the saints who died for their faith.)

My spiritual journey took me from being agnostic to ‘getting saved’ in an evangelical setting at age 17, while on a high school exchange year in the US. I left the evangelical church in favour of Catholicism in my mid 20’s and left the church altogether in my late 20s.

Deep down I knew that faith in Christ had nothing to do with the sort of judgemental attitude I had to do battle with almost every day when I was in the church. This was confirmed in a dream vision I had where Christ came to me to let me know that he would not abandon me just because I had chosen to leave an environment where I felt judged and uninspired.

The first time I called myself a ‘Witch’ was the most magical moment of my life.
― Margot Adler

At age 33, after moving from muggle-infested Sweden to the infinitely more magickal UK, things clicked into place for me and I realised that I was (and always had been) a witch and seer… an empath with a strong connection with the unseen world… a servant of Goddess as well as God. I started studying, and just like Adelina St Clair says in Path of the Christian Witch, “My studies became my path.”

A Christian Witch

As soon as I could, I began teaching and ran an online course in Swedish about the Wheel of the Year and witchcraft. I was open about my love for Christ and completely accepting of anyone who felt a stronger connection with other deities. But church was a closed chapter for me until this year and the first Sunday of Lent. I found myself back in the pew and loving it. Perhaps I had simply stopped caring about those who would judge me for my life choices and/or my spiritual path. I knew I belonged and that was enough.

I’m on the penultimate chapter of Path of a Christian Witch – a book I would recommend to anyone who is wanting to combine both Paths and in this chapter, she describes 10 simple rituals that combine the two paths for her. I am totally going to use her God/dess sign of the cross which she explains the book.

The list below is not a rip-off as I’m sharing my own rituals but I strongly recommend this book for anyone would like some inspiration as well as moral support along the journey. You are far from alone. There are Christian Witch Facebook groups you can join and there is a hidden mystical order which Jesus revealed to me about 10 years ago as the ‘Order of the White Dove.’ Anyone who is attuned to Sophia, as well as Christ’s teachings, is a member of this order. We may not have temples where we meet but we are one in Spirit.

My Father’s house has many rooms.
― Jesus Christ

11 Simple Christopagan Rituals

Prayer to Mother-Father God

Begin prayers to God with Holy Mother-Father God. This is self-explanatory as we as ChristoPagans all recognise the divine feminine as well as the divine masculine. Creation could simply not exist if God was all male.

Angelic Circle Casting

Cast your circle by invoking the Archangels for each of the four quarters (I adhere to the Golden Dawn system of correspondences, so): Archangel Uriel for Earth/North, Archangel Raphael for East/Air, Archangel Michael for South/Fire and Archangel Gabriel for West/Water.

Invoke the Holy Spirit

Light a candle before you do any divination work and call for the Holy Spirit to guide you for the Highest Good of all. You may also wish to dedicate one of your decks purely to communicating with Christ and shining His Light into the world. I did this with a copy of the deck I created.

Make Your Own Rosary

Create your own rosary or prayer beads in honour of one of the other faces of the Goddess if you are not a devotee of the Virgin Mary. I once made one in honour of the Goddess Freiya.

Salute the Sun/Son

On rising, honour Christ – Sun/Son salutations is one of my favourite ways to do this with my whole body.

The Protection of Sophia

When going to bed, honour the Goddess/Sophia and ask her to keep you safe through the night. I believe this connection with the Night and Darkness is why Catholics feel the need to invoke Mary with the words ‘Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and in the hour of our death’


Use the 40 days of Lent to prepare for the arrival of both the Goddess of spring and the Resurrection of our Lord. This is a time of letting go of anything that separates us from Mother-Father God.

Play with Music

Put together a Spotify playlist with your favourite Goddess and Christian worship songs. Put them on random play order and dance to honour Holy Mother-Father God.

Find Your Kin

Join an interfaith or multifaith Pagan prayer circle.

‘An it harm none, so mote it be’ combines both the teachings of the Way and the Pagan ethos so use it liberally when casting spells. A Christian Witch only heals and blesses because we are called to shine light into the hearts of those suffering.

God & Goddess

Keep an Orthodox Christ icon or crucifix on your altar, together with a representation of the Goddess and the Elements. I prefer the icon for most of the liturgical year but during lent a crucifix is appropriate.

Spend Time in Nature

Finally, don’t forget that Nature is always going to have the edge over any temple built by human hands when it comes to connecting with the true Christ, the Living Word… In the apocryphal Gospel of Thomas, he says…

“Split wood, I am there. Lift up a rock, you will find me there.”

PS.Β Check out Adelina St Clair’s article about the Wheel of the Year from a ChristoPagan perspective and THIS POST about ChristoPagan Christmas Symbolism.


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  1. So interesting the direction of your spiritual path Lisa! πŸ™‚ Funny enough, a handful of folks (myself included) have found resonance with what is to us the perfect basis of a path that honors the Christ consciousness as well as honors the cycles of nature. It is rather often the old stories have been diluted or changed to conform toward a Christian (read “church”) world view. This happened over a decade ago and I still feel connected. The Elven viewpoint of Professor JRR Tolkien’s Middle-Earth stories (especially the Silmarillion, Lost Tales, Unfinished Tales and Morgoth’s Ring) share a very unique origin and cosmology story, and a few of us when reading these stories felt this material went beyond fictional when viewed and experienced from a spiritual lens, and we even discovered evidence to support this view. Let me know if you are ever curious about our findings! πŸ™‚ “Calantirniel” http://elvenspirituality.com

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      This is so weird, Lisa! I only now found your comment about Eleven spirituality from March here!! Don’t know how I missed it before… and I’m so glad we got talking about this anyway. I guess there was an element of the timing needing to be right for us to connect over it. From my point of view, the revelations that crystalised my Path happened a few weeks after I wrote this post. I had so much clearing out to do first! Love and Blessings, Lisa

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